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Alex G asked in PetsCats · 9 years ago

Cuts in cat's tearducts from new kitten?

I have two cats. One is a 9 year old fatass orange cat named Freddy I've had since he was a wee one. He eats and sleeps all day, which he's very content with. He's usually uninterested in any kind of toy. Then we got a kitten. It's a little black fellow named Jiji, 12 weeks old. They get along well, it's pretty cute, except sometimes it gets accidentally violent. Freddy will hold Jiji down and lick him all over. However, Jiji is (expectedly) very hyper and so he doesn't want to be held down. He kicks at Freddy, and often times because of the angle he ends up kicking Freddy in the face. Freddy is very easy going and hasn't really asserted his dominance or anything. He just kind of lays there and takes whatever the kitten throws at him, although he's not scared at all. Whenever Jiji gets violent I squirt him with a water gun and he runs off.

So now Freddy has these cuts in/under his tear ducts. They don't seem to bother him, but I imagine it must hurt to have cuts there. I've tried cutting Jiji's claws but it doesn't seem to be enough. I won't declaw him.Anyway, I was wondering what I should do? Is Freddy in danger, should I take him to the vet? Or am I worrying over a minor injury that I should ignore?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It's probably more a scratch than a cut.

    Keep an eye on it in case it will get infected it's better to call a vet for advise, but most likely it will simply heal out - as it does in 99 % of such injuries.

    If it starts to bother Freddy (if he tries to clean the area with his paws more often than other areas of his face) then you could also call a vet for advise.

    If Jiji's playing gets to rough for Freddy, he will know how to address it to Jiji.

    Instead of squirting water you may throw a toy alongside Jiji to distract him and give Freddy a break.

    You also may get some table tennis balls.

    They are awesome toys for cats and kittens since they are light wight and fast.

    The purrfect toy to kick around and fetch.

    Or use dangling toys.

    a few examples:

    You could either buy them in pet supply stores or build them yourself with a sturdy tissue covered rubber band and toys.

    Worst case use soft paws until Jiji is a bit older and more relaxed.

    hope that helps

    @ ACat

    do your homework before you write incorrect statements.

    Common sense as well.

    Source(s): Cat certified care human since over 30 years.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ummm.. Cat's don't have tear ducts... Only humans do... lol

    Source(s): Common Sense(:
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