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Is motorcycle oil the same as car oil?

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    The difference between a motorcycle specific oil and an automotive oil is the additive package. Each one being specific to the oil company or manufacturers guidelines. The pricing difference is just plain old supply and demand. The total output and sales of all motorcycle specific oils is probably less than any one line of automotive oil, you know?

    Automotive oils will work, but will break down sooner. Energy conserving oils contain friction modifiers and aren't good for a wet clutch. The majority of non-motorcycle specific oils that don't contain friction modifiers are mostly diesel engine oils.

    None of the motorcycle manufacturers 'produce' their own oil, but it is formulated to their exact specifications. For example, Honda doesn't offer a fully synthetic oil, only petroleum based and semi-synthetics. The additive package was formulated by a company in Jacksonville, Fla named "Apollo Engineering" but to Honda's specifications. Mobil oil is the 'distributor' for all of Honda's oil products, so the base stock is Mobil's with the Apollo additive package.

    Kawasaki's pure synthetic oil is nothing more than Motul E-Tech 100 with a different label.

    Clear as mud now isn't it? ;)

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