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Biostar A77e03 bios update?

I've bought a biostar motherboard, but after reading the manual I learned that it requires a bios update to be AM2+/AM3 compatible. The thing is that I bought a Phemon x4 am3 and can't get the system to boot. Do I have to buy a am2?

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    >Hold on, according to this....

    The Biostar A77e03 ALREADY IS an AM3 motherboard.

    CPU type supported: Phenom II / Athlon II / Sempron 100 Series

    Maximum CPU TDP (Thermal Design Power): 125Watt

    So it looks like you do not need to flash the should already support your processor.

    That means, the problem is something else. Check your electrical connections. Did you use thermal paste? Did you check your case connectors? Did you connect the cpu 12 volt 4 or 8 pin connector? That is what you should be checking. And I hope you did not bend any pins on the cpu when installing it.

    Also, if you bought a very expensive video card with a high watt idle power demand and don't have an adequate power supply, your computer will not even kickstart.

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