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"i'm want to become a famous poet, and writer"?

“Ane, Ate From The O’ Eden Tree”

Ply not flesh sole, yore treat soils plenty

And sift hundredth bodes, ane thus froth

O’ Eden trees unto roots hath, ane thus amplify

And abreast thy sidle, as whom vanilla froth

Bereft hundredth souls, not dead but amplified

Athwart thy, betwixt youth and writhe unto rye

Ane thus hundredth tree amidst yore tree roots

And cosset art selves as lofty men, midst froth

Nay o’ flute sidle, and knightly scorns aloft his billow

Dance with delight as whom vanilla froth’ sow width

Intrigue plains stride and lesser midst-summer grain

And bereft hundredth roots sidle abreast thin leaf ‘sty

O’ moon gape, and shimmers O’ Eden trees merge as knights

Entwine like vines’ ane thus slumber till spring burrows

And hundredth souls, recite the cherry blossoms like trees

And tasted like vanilla froth, and breathe like souls

Not dead but amplified like knights, Ane thus lofty men

Ane, Ate From The O’ Eden Tree

"Thus Lord pursues our talents, thus perfect line's art often "human"

"Time is new, So i've copied writted these words. Do i have what it take's to become a famouse writer, oh i'm 19- been writing since 17


Ane= (i)

Update 2:

Look up the words, i use old italy have to know words....

Update 3:

The poem is about a man, who came about a tree, in the eden garden and eat of its fruit...and he can't leave the tree, cause the fruit was too good to give up....

Update 4:

i asure you, i have few like that. and if i were to write a book it would be 21 century stuff.

But its like art, that makes me proud of it.... i will try to write poems like 21 certury, and twice as good.... i know now what i must do....its how i've always written, and it must change, i must change.....i supose i'm stuck in the 18 certury.... that why i'd didn't like other people poems.....and btw it took me 14 days to write this hole poem, its more then words to me, but i'll change, for the better......

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    Come into the 21st century. Read poets of the last 100 years. Use language as it is now written. Read 100 poems for each you attempt to write.

    Poetry does not have to rhyme, but rhythm is important.

    You must read as much as you can and as many different styles as you can, classic and contemporary; free verse and structured forms. Two good anthologies: Staying Alive, Real poems for Unreal Times edited by Neil Astley and Garrison Keillor's Good Poems. Two books on writing that will help guide you are Mary Oliver's A Poetry Handbook and The Poetry Home Repair Kit from Ted Kooser.

    There are many good sites on line where you can read poetry daily or browse the archives:

    Academy of Americans Poets

    Poetry Daily

    Verse Daily

    The Writer's Almanac



    Poetry 180

    Poetry Foundation

    And if you're looking for more poets, here's a very short list. Have fun!

    William Stafford

    Li-Young Lee

    Gary Snyder

    Dorianne Laux

    Lucille Clifton

    Seamus Heaney

    Anna Akhmatova

    Stanley Kunitz

    Yusef Komunyakaa

    Kay Ryan

    Jane Kenyon

    Yehuda Amichai

    Tony Hoagland

    William Matthews

    Emily Dickinson

    Grace Paley

    Wislawa Szymborska

    Donald Hall

    Jimmy Santiago Baca

    Bob Hicok

    Floyd Skloot

    Mary Oliver

    Ruth Stone

    Jane Mead

    Countee Cullen


    Robert Frost

    Brendan Galvin

    Linda McCarriston

    AE Stallings

    Dylan Thomas

    Richard Wilbur

    Naomi Shihab Nye

    Ted Kooser

    Galway Kinnell

    Rita Dove

    Mary Jo Bang

    Gjertrud Schnackenberg

    Rhina Espaillat

    Allen Ginsberg

    Charles Simic

    Czeslaw Milosz

    Joy Harjo

    Eavan Boland

    Elizabeth Bishop

    Les Murray

    Federico García Lorca

    Pablo Neruda

    Robert Wrigley

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Fav: Not sure. Least fav: I think Sylvia Plath. Her legend was blown way out because of her suicide at 30. But let's be honest, her poetry is garbage. Sylvia only started writing decent poetry in the last year of her life, but even then....I just wasn't impressed. Does dying young make someones work more important? I find the dying young legacy a joke these days......Sid Vicious died at 21, but he was a terrible musician. I'm straying off topic, but you know what I mean man. I honestly find the person Sylvia was fascinating though, I have read through her letters, and she had such a great mind....honestly I find her letters much more interesting than her poetry. A shame Ted burnt the letters she wrote the last 3 months of her life.

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    Is this a trick? Have you posted a poem by Walter Scott or some other 18th century writer, claiming that you wrote it, to make fun of it? Please say "yes," because if this actually IS your work, you're doomed to failure. The 18th century is over -- we're in the 21st century now, and we're concerned with 21st century issues. Your writing is opaque, obtuse and impenetrable. You're in love with words, not with life or people.

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    I don't understand this at all

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  • "I'm want..." ? start by using proper English haha.

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