Tracy McGrady and Phil Jackson say 2006 Finals were rigged?

First off with the phantom fouls on Dwayne Wade.

Phantom Foul 1:

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Phantom Foul 2:

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Phantom Foul 3:

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Phantom Foul 4:

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Phantom Foul 5:

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Mcgrady in an interview:

Interviewer: Were you rooting for them or Dallas?

TMac: Shaq is like a big brother of mine. I have known him

for awhile so I was pulling for him. But I wanted to keep

the ring in the West so i was pulling for Dallas.

Interviewer: Yeah but Dallas, how can you root for Dallas?

TMac: Well I wanted to root for Dallas because thats the

same team we took 7 games into the playoffs a couple of

years ago, so I wanted to root for them just so everyone

knows how good they are.

Interviewer: Was it a little ridiculous how Dwyane Wade

got all the calls?

TMac: Yeah, yeah it really was. I'll tell you man, it

seems if you were watching that game, seemed like it was

rigged. Seriously. I know the NBA.... (cut off by


Interviewer: You just got fined (sarcastically)

TMac: I dont care. So what? But yeah it seemed like it

was rigged. With all the calls he was getting. Jesus. Did

you hear me? We are talking about the NBA Finals, I wish

I could say I was just kidding, and thats what it seemed


Phil Jackson:

"That Miami Finals really was a tough one to swallow," Jackson said before the Lakers won 96-91 on Saturday night in Dallas. "I think Wade averaged about 25 foul shots a game. You couldn't even touch him. That was really tough to swallow and I think he understood there's kind of a pecking order in this league and you keep your mouth shut at times.''

This is all without mentioning Tim Donaghy (Ex-NBA Ref) saying that the NBA often rigs series just for ratings and that the 2006 Finals were one of those series.

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  • JM
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    9 years ago
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    Tim Dohnagy, Mark Cuban, and many others won't disagree with those statements.

    I saw all the stuff you just posted, and it's all true. It makes me sick as a basketball fan.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago


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  • 5 years ago

    Whether it's true or not about 2006 I find the idea of phil freakibg Jackson talking about a player (in this case Dwayne wade ) or a teAm getting special treatment by the league during the playoffs absolutely hilarious and the height of irony and frankly hypocrisy.. The NBA has had this issue before where things seemed suspicious because it seemingly had alterior motives and conflicts of interest in terms of wanting a certain team or player to succeed because it was financially beneficial to the league. And in the instances where this happened before(all under david sterns watch I may add) almost exclusively had to do (and benefited) phil Jackson's bulls and then subsequently his lakers! For him of all people to day this is so ridiculous after basically having a player in Michael Jordan who was allowed to defensively rape people on one end of the court and then on the other if a player so much as blew air on him he was at the foul line.And then the same thing happened with Kobe in LA

  • 9 years ago

    It was rigged I remember when I saw it and today it is still rigged that is why you have the Mavs and Cheat back in the playoffs. Watch I bet you that David Stern will allow D-Lame or LeChoke to get as many foul shots as they want. That is why they have that knew technical foul rule and you can tell that rule only applies to some players, Lechoke and D-Lame get away with complaining all the time and don't get called but Howard or Kobe say something and it is a technical automatically. David Stern needs to be fired and the Cheat need to be investigated because I guarntee you that they are getting paid under the table.

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  • 5 years ago

    I remember watching the 2006 NBA finals & it was rigged cuz in the 1st 2 games when Mavericks led the series 2-0 then all of a sudden in games 3-6 Dwyane Wade starts averaging about 20 or more free throw attempts which was more than the entire Mavericks team. 2006 NBA finals was the worst officiated NBA finals in NBA history. When Mavericks owner Mark Cuban complains NBA is rigged he gets fined by David stern. Whenever players or coaches complain about the officiating they get fined by the NBA cuz NBA is a nonviolent version of the mafia & no freedom of speech like ridiculous. NBA is like a mafia if u confront or speak against league you get fined.

  • 9 years ago

    The NBA will try to "influence" the outcome of games or series where money can be made through higher ratings, or where players can become more marketable.

    Corruption in the NBA is nothing new, just look at the Lakers vs. Kings series and this year's draft lottery. Stern wanted Cleveland to come back fast after losing Lebron so fans would come back out and spend money.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    WE all know, we all know.

    This is in line with the 02 conference finals between the 02 Cofnerence finals, and 07 semi's between the Suns and Spurs.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Not just the 2006 finals the whole NBA is rigged, think about it

  • 9 years ago

    Obviously that 2006 Finals was rigged. Anybody who says it wasn't either hasn't watched, or is a bandwagon Heat fan. I saw that series and it was total bullshit at how the Mavs got screwed over.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I have no doubt that the 2006 NBA Finals was really rigged.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Tim Dohnagy, Mark Cuban, and many others won't disagree with those statements


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