My Gibson central AC unit won't shut off automatically, and makes clicking noise. Any suggestions?

I cleaned the temperature sensor with fine sandpaper - like the technician did last year - and it worked fine for a day, but now it is doing the same thing again. Then, it will mysteriously work fine for a few days and go back and start clicking and not shutting off.


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  • 10 years ago
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    Exactly what Boe said,....

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  • Boe
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    10 years ago

    Temperature sensor?

    Sounds to me like two problems.

    1. If mechanical thermostat ( I would replace it with a digital and not one from walmart they are junk)

    2. Clicking if hear from the outside unit "could" be the contactor. Ok, so whats a contactor?

    Look here

    Whats happing probably is the points are bad or the 24V coil is bad. This can cause a clicking or chatter. Basically if left as is (should this be the problem) your going to smoke the compressor !

    If you remove the service cover on the outside of the unit (where the power wire goes in) the contactor is right there, How mechanical you are I dont know. But its not rocket science to change one out. JUST MAKE SURE YOU PULL THE DISCONNECT AND VERIFY THAT THAT POWER IS OFF !

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