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Could you correct my Japanese sentence please?

Especially the sentence in the ___blank ___?

1。 あしたからは __あめが ふるくなり__ そうですよ (It seems to become Sunny from tomorrow)

2。 きおんも たぶん __ さがつているでしょう__。 (The temperature would probably go down as well)

3。 じやあ、 ゆきが ___ ふつて いましよう___。( It may snow )

4。 てれびの すくりんん___を おきいに___ したので、 いつしょに DVD を みませ

んか?(Since I made the TV screen bigger, don't you want to watch DVD together?)

5. わたしの こども__を__ ぴあにすと ___に___ したいです。 (I want to make my children a pianist)

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    1. Ashita kara wa tenki ga haresou desu yo.

    (Ame ga furukunaru = The rain becomes old)

    Furui = old

    2. Kion mo tabun sagaru deshou.

    3. Jaa, yuki ga furu kamo shiremasen.

    4. Terebi no sukuriin wo ookiku shita node, issho ni DVD wo mimasen ka.

    5. (Your sentence is correct.)

    Source(s): 12 years in Japan.
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