Rate my favorite names please? Boy & Girl?

Vincent James. (Vinnie/Vince)

Ethan Michael.

Jack William.

Noah Ryan.

Tanner Jacob.

Lucas Kyle. (Luke)

Zachary Tyler. (Zach)

Alexander Joseph. (Alex)

Ian Hunter.

Brady Patrick.

Lyla Jade.

Maya Brooke.

Eleanor Lily. (Ella)

Naomi Grace.

Anna Sophia.

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    9 years ago
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    Vincent James. (Vinnie/Vince) - 5/10 - sorry but don't really ike Vincent but only because there is a really weird boy at my school called Vincent and that's who I think of. However Vinnie is sooo cute and James is a classic name :-) !!

    Ethan Michael. - 7/10 - I've always had such a soft spot for Ethan and it goes GREAT with Michael!!

    Jack William. - 9/10 - LOVE LOVE LOVE Jack!! one of my favourites!! I don't like William right enough, but I have to admit it does go great with Jack.

    Noah Ryan. - 10/10 - Two of my favourite boys names!! Noah is so great and under used where Iive and Ryan is just such a gorgeous name!!

    Tanner Jacob. - 8/10 - Not so keen on Tanner but Jacob IS my FAVOURITE boys name right now so I LOVE this name!!

    Lucas Kyle. (Luke) - 9/10 - Lucas is my second favourite boy's name!! Don't really like Kyle but LOVE Lucas sooo much and Luke is such a cute nickname!!

    Zachary Tyler. (Zach) - 9/10 - OMG Zachary is also on my favourites list!! and Tyler use to be :-P These names go great together too!!

    Alexander Joseph. (Alex) - 8/10 - Alexander is alright and I LOVE the nickname Alex!! Kind of like Joesph but I really like nickname Joey :-P

    Ian Hunter. - 6/10 - Ian is pretty boring I think and Hunter is one of those names I love but would never be brave enough to use!

    Brady Patrick. - 6/10 - Don't like Brady that much, Patrick is sooo cute though!!


    Lyla Jade. - 5/10 - I prefer Lyra to Lyla tbh, but it's still an alright name and I don't like the name Jade at all, sorry...

    Maya Brooke. - 9/10 - My baby cousins name!!! I LOVE Maya!! Its just soooo cute and it goes great with Brooke too. My cousins name is Maya Grace :-P

    Eleanor Lily. (Ella) - 8/10 - Not too keen on Eleanor but I suppose it would be good to have a more professional name for when the little girl is older... LOVE Ella though!! and Lily is beautiful and goes great!!

    Naomi Grace. - 9/10 - I really like Naomi, its one of my best friend's name!! and Grace is one of my favourite girls names, I love it as a first name though.

    Anna Sophia. - 8/10 - Reminds me of the actress Anna Sophia Robb :-P sounds beautiful though, I LOVE Sophia and I think that Anna is nice because you don't hear it very often anymore...

    Favourite boys name:

    Noah Ryan

    Favourite girls name:

    Maya Brooke

    You have great names!! A lot of the boys names you have are on my list :-P


  • Bloph
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    9 years ago

    Vincent James - 6/10, not a fan of Vincent.

    Ethan Michael - 9/10, really nice.

    Jack William - 9/10, a good strong name.

    Noah Ryan - 10/10, love it! Favorite :)

    Tanner Jacob - 6/10, not a fan of Tanner.

    Lucas Kyle - 8/10, I love both Lucas and Kyle.

    Zachary Tyler - 8/10, nice.

    Alexander Joseph - 7/10, a bit long but a strong name.

    Ian Hunter - 9/10, love it!

    Brady Patrick - 6/10, I don't really like Brady.

    Lyla Jade - 9/10, it would be a 10 if the spelling was Lila.

    Maya Brooke - 10/10, beautiful. :)

    Eleanor Lily - 9/10, super cute.

    Naomi Grace - 7/10, I love Grace but Naomi sounds a little grandma-y to me.

    Anna Sophia - 8/10, I like it, reminds me of the actress (AnnaSophia Robb)

  • :)
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    9 years ago

    Vincent James. (Vinnie/Vince) 7/10

    Ethan Michael. 6/10

    Jack William. 8/10

    Noah Ryan. 6/10

    Tanner Jacob. 8/10

    Lucas Kyle. (Luke) 6/10

    Zachary Tyler. (Zach) 9/10

    Alexander Joseph. (Alex) 8/10

    Ian Hunter. 7/10

    Brady Patrick. 5/10

    Lyla Jade.7/10

    Maya Brooke. 9/10

    Eleanor Lily. (Ella) 9/10

    Naomi Grace. 7/10

    Anna Sophia. 8/10

  • 9 years ago

    Vincent James... I don't care for Vincent but that's just my taste

    Ethan Michael.. Love!

    Jack William... Love!

    Noah Ryan.. It's cute

    Tanner Jacob.. Cute

    Lucas Kyle.. It's alright

    Zachary Tyler.. Love!

    Alexander Joseph... I don't like Joseph really but Its cute with Alexander

    Ian Hunter... It's alright

    Brady Patrick.. I like Patrick :)

    Lyla Jade.. Precious!

    Maya Brooke.. Pretty!!!

    Eleanor Lily.. Cute

    Naomi Grace.. Pretty

    Anna Sophia.. Pretty

    :) hope this helps

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  • 9 years ago

    Vincent James 8/10 it has a nice flow

    Eathan Michael 10/10 i love this name

    Jack William 9/10 i adore the name Jack

    Noah Ryan 10/10 i love this name too, Noah is an adoreable name

    Tanner Jacob 9/10 unique and cute love Jacob

    Lucas Kyle 2/10 i dont like the name Lucas

    Zachary Tyler 2/10 same again dont like either names

    Alexander Joseph 10/10 my fav name love it

    Ian Hunter 2/10 dont like this name

    Brady Patrick 4/10 its ok

    Lyla Jade- 9/10 very pretty

    Maya Brooke 10/10 very sweet and flows well

    Elanor Lily 8/10 i love the name Elle and Lily

    Naomi Grace 10/10 love both names sounds great together too

    Anna Sophia 10/10 love both names very cute name

  • 9 years ago

    All of my ratings are out of ten. (Ten being the highest.)

    Vincent James (Vinnie/Vince) -4

    Ethan Michael - 6

    Jack William - 5

    Noah Ryan - 8

    Tanner Jacob - 5

    Lucas Kyle (Luke) - 4

    Zachary Tyler (Zach) - 4

    Alexander Joseph (Alex) - 4

    Ian Hunter - 3

    Brady Patrick - 4

    Lyla Jade - 4

    Maya Brooke - 2

    Eleanor Lily (Ella) - 2

    Naomi Grace - 6

    Anna Sophia - 1

  • Vincent James. (Vinnie/Vince) -- 9/10, I like both names but I prefer James as a first name since it's overused as a middle.

    Ethan Michael. -- 6/10 Nice but not my style.

    Jack William. -- 10/10 handsome! :)

    Noah Ryan. -- 6/10 It's ok not my style.

    Tanner Jacob. -- 6/10 Hate Jacob and Tanner isn't my favorite name.

    Lucas Kyle. (Luke) -- 6/10 again there's nothing wrong with it just not my style.

    Zachary Tyler. (Zach) -- 7/10 really like Zachary, hate Tyler.

    Alexander Joseph. (Alex) -- 8/10

    Ian Hunter. -- 5/10 Ian is alright, hate Hunter.

    Brady Patrick. -- 8/10 I like it.

    Lyla Jade. -- 4/10 I prefer Lila and Jade is trashy sounding IMO.

    Maya Brooke. -- 7/10 Pretty, but not really my style.

    Eleanor Lily. (Ella) -- 10/10 Gorgeous!

    Naomi Grace. -- 3/10 Dislike.

    Anna Sophia. -- 5/10 I don't like the alliteration and Sophia is overused, Anna is pretty but a bit plain.

    Favorites: Jack William & Eleanor Lily.

    ♥ {ag}

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My honest opinion is that out of the boy names I like Noah Ryan the best. I like the name James a lot but pairing it with Vincent is eh.

    Lyla Jade is beautiful. Maya is beautiful but I don't like Brooke paired with it. Eleanor is old womanish but Lily is beautiful. Naomi Grace is pretty. Anna Sophia is seems too trendy to me.

  • 9 years ago

    I really like Vincent James for the boy name and Lyla Jade for the girl name.

  • 9 years ago

    I like Zach Tyler, and Naomi Grace :)

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