hey does anyone know what the temperature in chinas like in winter or in summer or anything interessting about the temperature in china???

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    10 years ago
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    China is a big country and as such the temperature varies. For example, when I was there a couple weeks ago, it was cool in Beijing (around 20degC) during the evening, while it was hot and muggy in Shenzhen (around 28degC). And during winter, I've been to places in north-east China where the temperature drops to -35degC. In summer, some areas like Chongqing on Yangtze are notorious as the "hot oven" of China with temperature that goes to high 30s.

    But for latest info on China weather, you can always check with the official Meterological Bureau's website: Well, at least weather is something the official cannot censor :)

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    Well. Let the real Chinese answer ur question.china is very big and have very variety climates. And in the top north is the chilliest of china. But in the middle north, it's warm, have four seasons. In the south, its hot, and just have two seasons-wet and dry. And from the east to middle, it's warm. But wester the 秦岭-太行 it's extremely hot and drys because its all on the mountains and you may be burned by the say if you had went there. And generally the coast city is warmer in all seasons. And have better …everything. Like my hometown-dalian大连. Contact me for other question about china.

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    5 years ago

    China is very hot in summer!

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    10 years ago

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    In the summer, temperatures is around 30-40 degrees Celsius.

    In the winter time, it's around minus 10 to 3 degrees Celsius

    It's normally much colder in Beijing then in Shanghai

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    Different with north and south.

    In summer (May to Oct ), the summer last long long time

    south like Guangzhou, shenzhen about 32-38 degree Celsius, very hot.

    North like Beijing, shanghai, similar with south.

    In winter (Nov to Feb)

    South: clodest time is about 10 to -5 degree Celsius, cool most of the time, but when it trun cold, althouth no snow, but really really cold.

    North (Oct to Mar.): clodest day about -5 to -15 degree Celsius, snow and heavy snow.

    Actually like Guangdong and Hai nan provinces, they never snow in winter and pretty hot in summer.

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    China is a big country, so the temperature is different in different region.

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    10 years ago

    It depends. China has a lot of counties and temperature is different in different counties.

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    6 years ago

    It really depends on where you are. If you are in the north the winter is really cold outside but when you are in the building it is good. And the south part can be very warm.

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