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i just got a keratin treatment & ik your not supposed to wash your hair for 72 hours?

but my hair looks very greasy is there anything i can do about it?

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    They didn't do it right! It's better greasy, than fried. I've heard much worse.

    I wouldn't recommend them. There are many brands of hair straightening out there and they call them anyway they want to get your attention. Coco is another name brand. Some Japanese hair straightening processes can damage the hair and leave it flat and lifeless.

    None is better than the other.

    Relaxers Warning: they're not permanent, that's $300 - $500 each time you get them done. One I responded, she had hers done in March and this is now May? It is a billion dollar business, and they do not give money back guarantee for damaged hair or hair loss due to 'abuse', in this case, cancer.

    Google Permanently straightening hair warning, about 7,410,000 results (0.08 seconds) , more warnings during the last month. I've been posting about them since 2009. Canada had issued a public health warning regarding Brazilian Blowout and has stopped the distribution of their salon product; Ireland has also issued a recall. ~ Also published in Vogue Feb. 2011.

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    No if it deviates from the instructions of how to maintain your hair and that includes tips about putting baby powder and so forth! the definition of greasy hair varies from individual to individual follow the instructions you were given then after 72 hours or more re-evaluate the state of your hair.

    Source(s): Salon owner/stylist
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    It will look greasy, thats how my sisters looked after she got hers. You can try putting baby powder on your scalp to soak up all the oil or they have products that are in hairspray looking cans called dry shampoo, it does the same as the baby powder.

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