How do you find the real value of a car or van?

I am Looking out for a new van or car but I want to compare the value of them with at least 2 or 3 quotes of the actual value before profit is added on by the dealer or seller.

I am sure no one sells at the real price, so how do you find the real price before profit so I can get a good start to haggle and barter and see if the profit is reasonable.?

Is there any good websites out there that will give you the depreciation value?


New Car, I meant Used Car....

Update 2:

Used car

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    9 years ago
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    Basically you can't. It'll be a closely guarded secret between the manufacturer/importer and the dealers, and I'd imagine like anything else a dealer that sells, and therefore buys 500 cars a year gets them cheaper than one that does 100.

    What I can tell you is that there isn't as much profit in new cars as you probably think, best way to get the best deal is to search about online for a good price, but be realistic, the dealer HAS to make a profit to stay in business.

    Depreciation is another thing entirely, check the secondhand values for your chosen car.

    EDIT: "Additional Details

    New Car, I meant Used Car...."

    There is no absolute right price for a used car. The trade have guidelines but condition makes a difference. Check Parkers website for a rough guide.

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    Dealers are all out to make a profit, if they didn't they wouldn't be in business.

    Even if you did find out what a dealer paid for a car, you have to remember that profit goes towards prep costs, pdi's, valeting, site overheads, staff and so on.

    For a good idea of trade value try and get your hands on a 'glass's guide'.

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    The "real" value of a vehicle, is simple.

    It's whatever price it sells for.

    You can look at KBB, Nada, Edmunds, all the rest of the "guides" you want, but the bottomline is very simple.

    If you find a car/truck you want, and you settle on a price, that price is the value.

    It sounds almost too stupid to be that easy, but think about it. Is a 1971 'Cuda worth $1 million dollars? According to me, and book values, no. But that's what it sold for at Barrett-Jackson. According to book value, someone overpaid by around 900,000$.

    There are also plenty of cars in Nada, like Buick LeSabres, that are "valued" at $4,000-5,000.

    But you can buy them for under $1000 all day long.

    When I sell cars, my price tag, is just that, a price tag. If you try to haggle with me, I tell you to leave my property. I don't care what book you want to quote.

    Not a single person from any of those guides has ever come to appraise my cars, so why would I be interested in what their book says?

    As far as my profit margin, I have bought cars for $500, and sold them for $3000. I've even gotten parts for free, and sold them for thousands of dollars.

    My profit margin is no business of yours (not you specifically, of course). I'm trying to make money. Aren't we all? If you don't like my price, I'll find someone who does :)

    Source(s): A decade's worth of buying and selling vehicles.
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    9 years ago

    I use it will give you reviews and prices on what each car should sell for in the area in which you live in. it is a very good no charge site.

    now for the down side , the dealer will sell the car for the highest price he can get and if a low mileage or one owner they will try to get more. used cars are in big demand right now and finding one will be difficult and if one owner low mileage be prepared to pay more.

    try finding one from a local resident selling it, might be better off, you can still find car info thru this site for a guide line.

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  • 9 years ago

    Have you ever heard of 'Kelly Blue Book' value? Well, the dealers have a 'Black Book' of car values. Basically, it's the value of a car's auction value. If they bought you car and sent it to auction the Black Book value is what they would get for it. That's the value they base trade it offers on. You can look up your Blue Book Value on but it won't be close to what a dealer will offer you. You have to be a dealer to get a Black Book and I have yet to find Black Book values online.

    The trade-in value on is the closest tool you canuse to find out the actual dealer value of the vehicles you're researching.

    Good luck!

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    go to local auction-you will find the true value there as things are only worth what someone will pay for them and at auction you will see what traders are paying-after a few visits you might feel confident and bid yourself thus saving you from financing the dealers golf club membership!

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