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Anonymous asked in TravelTravel (General)Packing & Preparation · 9 years ago

What to bring on board a airplane flight to Hawaii from Brisbane?

Im going to Hawaii soon :) i live in brisbane

and I was wondering what to bring on board to hawaii from sydney (transferred from brisbane)

-I get bored easily

-I never get any sleep

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  • 9 years ago
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    Airplane flights can get boring very quickly, so make sure you're prepared for a long trip.

    First of all, the night before I go on a long flight, I usually force myself to stay up all night. That way, by the time I get on the plane, I'm so exhausted I have no choice but to sleep, and the flight goes a bit quicker that way.

    You can also bring an IPod/handheld gaming device. These can keep you entertained for a bit, but make sure that they are fully charged before you leave.

    Most international flights have movies/television shows for you to watch. When I went from Denver to Frankfurt in economy class, they had touch screens in front of each seat with a large and free selection of popular movies and TV shows to watch. Not all airplanes have these, though, so if you can, I'd bring along a portable DVD player and some good DVDs to watch.

    You can also bring a long book to read, that's usually what I like to do. Magazines will work asl well. You can purchase these at the airport, or before your trip.

    Card games with your neighbor, or other small games can keep you entertained, too.

    Otherwise, that's about it. There's not a lot to do on really long flights, so bring a lot of things to keep you entertained.

    Have fun in Hawaii, good luck, and I hope I helped!

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