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Can someone introduce me some Chinese movies like Sophie's Revenge?

I like this happy movie.

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    Chinese romantic comedy movies:

    *I suggest ALL ABOUT WOMEN that starred Zhou Xun, an actress from mainland China.She has starred in many popular movies and various roles (Hollywood Hong Kong, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, a unique musical sad movie Perhaps Love, a villain role in Painted Skin, etc). She has received numerous awards. Great actress..

    *From Taiwan, I like 20 30 40, about three women in different stages of their lives - 20, 30, 40.

    Also you should try some Hong kong movies.Sammi Cheng and Miriam Yeung frequently starred in very funny romantic comedies.

    Sammi has been paired opposite Andy Lau (a very popular and productive HK actor) in several movies:

    *Needing You, Love on a Diet, Magic Kitchen, Yesterday Once More

    Miriam Yeung movies:

    *Love Undercover, Drink, Drank, Drunk, 2 Become 1, Hooked on You

    *Charlene (from the popular cantopop duo Twins) starred in My Wife is 18,

    *Cecilia Cheung in Shopaholics

    BTW I'll recommend some pop songs too (I saw your other question but didn't have chance to answer it):

    Chinese-mandarin pop music is usually called "mandarin pop" or simply as "mando-pop".

    Nowadays, mando-pop music is dominated by popular singers from Taiwan (Taiwanese singers) though there's a number of singers from mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

    *Popular singers such as Jolin Tsai (dubbed as the queen of mando-pop), the king of dance Show Luo, Jay Chou (who starred as Kato in Green Hornet), awards winning handsome singer Wang Lee-Hom, rock band Mayday, popular girls trio S.H.E, boyband Fahrenheit, the cutie Rainie Yang, etc

    From mainland, such as the Super Girl contest winners Li Yi Chun and Jane Zhang, boyband Top Combine, Han Geng (former member of the very popular Korean pop - KPOP - group Super Junior) who now going solo

    Malaysian singer Fish Leong (the queen of love song), Gary Chao, Nicholas Teo, and Guang Liang (who sang the well-known piano ballad Tong Hua)

    From Singapore, JJ Lin, Stefannie Sun, and the awards winning Tanya Chua.

    The top ten ALBUMS of 2010, according to PMW Music are:

    1. Rashomon - Show Luo

    2. The Era - Jay Chou

    3. Myself - Jolin Tsai

    4. Love Me, Hate Me - Kenji Wu

    5. Rainie & Love...? - Rainie Yang

    6. Miss Elva - Elva Hsiao

    7. To Hebe - Hebe Tien

    8. Together - René Liu

    9. SHERO - S.H.E

    10. The 18 Martial Arts - Leehom Wang

    I like ballad songs like Rainie Yang's Ai Mei, Lee Hom's Kiss Goodbye, Ni Bu Zai, Kenji Wu's Poems For You, Della Ding's Wo Ai Ta, etc

    Just browse on youtube..:)

    Source(s): Hope that helps
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    Sophies Revenge

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    Can go to baidu or Google in search, should have the answer.

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