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Who can stand a huge list of names to rate?! Girls names!?

Just tell me which ones stick out and don't go with the rest of the names and would be too matchy with any of the others please!!!

Ailey McKenna Reese

Alexandra Mia Lynn

Allison Olivia Kaelynn

Annabella Charlotte Elaine

Ariana Ivy Danielle

Ava-Sloane Victoria

Bartolina Faith Renee

Carolina Mary-Jane

Cecilia Molly Claire

Delilah Rosalie Grace

Dominique Layla Kate

Elizabeth Ngaire Brooke nye-uh ree

Emmalyn Christiana Joy

Genesis Mykelti Suzanne

Graziella Marilynn Faye

Ireland Denali Blaire

Isla Emily Scarlett 

Kyler-Anne Juliette

Lauren Saoirse Kaye 

Lilliana Sofia Kendall

Lydia Bristol Summer

Meredith Sienna Hope

Reina Gabriella Capri

Sage Contessa Giovanna

Sara-Belle Evangeline 

Savannah Mckenzie Rachael

Taylor-Mae Isabella

Vanessa Taylor Marie

Sorry it's so long! I have been doing this list for like 2yrs!

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    Ailey McKenna Reese- I LOVE McKenna Reese I think it is gorgeous, Ailey I have never heard of I think I like it, but I am not quite sure.

    Alexandra Mia Lynn- Love Alexandra, Mia im not crazy about, Lynn is nice

    Allison Olivia Kaelynn- I like Allison spelled with one l but still a good name, Olivia and Kaelynn are both fantastic.

    Annabella Charlotte Elaine- I do not like this name much at all

    Ariana Ivy Danielle- I love Ivy I think it's so unique, Ariana and Danielle are both okay

    Ava-Sloane Victoria- Love Ava do not like Sloane or Victoria

    Bartolina Faith Renee- I hate Bartolina and Renee, think faith is so simple and pretty

    Carolina Mary-Jane- Don't like any part of this name

    Cecilia Molly Claire- Don't like this much

    Delilah Rosalie Grace- Love this name minus the Rosalie

    Dominique Layla Kate- Get rid of Dominique please it is not unique

    Elizabeth Ngaire Brooke nye-uh ree- Hate this but love Brooke

    Emmalyn Christiana Joy- don't likee this.

    Genesis Mykelti Suzanne- do not like either.

    Graziella Marilynn Faye- I love love love Faye

    Ireland Denali Blaire- Don't like this

    Isla Emily Scarlett- Don't like these names.

    Kyler-Anne Juliette- I like Kyler-Anne but not Juliette

    Lauren Saoirse Kaye- Lauren Kaye is cute

    Lilliana Sofia Kendall- Don't like this it's so trendy

    Lydia Bristol Summer- Do not like this name either.

    Meredith Sienna Hope- Like Hope

    Reina Gabriella Capri- Love Capri.

    Sage Contessa Giovanna- Don't like any of these.

    Sara-Belle Evangeline- Do not like this.

    Savannah Mckenzie Rachael- Love Mckenzie.

    Taylor-Mae Isabella- Love Taylor-Mae

    Vanessa Taylor Marie- Love Taylor Marie

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ailey McKenna Reese 5

    Alexandra Mia Lynn 9

    Allison Olivia Kaelynn 8

    Annabella Charlotte Elaine 9

    Ariana Ivy Danielle 10

    Ava-Sloane Victoria 10

    Bartolina Faith Renee 3

    Carolina Mary-Jane 7

    Cecilia Molly Claire 8

    Delilah Rosalie Grace 10

    Dominique Layla Kate 10

    Elizabeth Ngaire Brooke

    Emmalyn Christiana Joy 7

    Genesis Mykelti Suzanne 9

    Graziella Marilynn Faye 4

    Ireland Denali Blaire 4

    Isla Emily Scarlett 8

    Kyler-Anne Juliette 7

    Lauren Saoirse Kaye 6

    Lilliana Sofia Kendall 10

    Lydia Bristol Summer 10

    Meredith Sienna Hope 8

    Reina Gabriella Capri 8

    Sage Contessa Giovanna 6

    Sara-Belle Evangeline 9

    Savannah Mckenzie Rachael 9

    Taylor-Mae Isabella 9

    Vanessa Taylor Marie 9

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ailey McKenna Reese don't really like Ailey

    Alexandra Mia Lynn good

    Allison Olivia Kaelynn Kaelynn doesn't seem to go with the other 2 names - it's invented while the others are not.

    Annabella Charlotte Elaine I like the first two, Elaine would be OK if you're honoring a family member

    Ariana Ivy Danielle alright

    Ava-Sloane Victoria OK

    Bartolina Faith Renee Bartolina? No pretty awful.

    Carolina Mary-Jane nice

    Cecilia Molly Claire like

    Delilah Rosalie Grace good

    Dominique Layla Kate don't really like the combination - Layla Kate is cute though.

    Elizabeth Ngaire Brooke nye-uh ree OK what language is Ngaire from?

    Emmalyn Christiana Joy good

    Genesis Mykelti Suzanne not so much

    Graziella Marilynn Faye eh

    Ireland Denali Blaire in general don't like countries as names

    Isla Emily Scarlett yes

    Kyler-Anne Juliette don't like Kyler Juliette is lovely Juliette Anne Kyler and Juliette are too different in style.

    Lauren Saoirse Kaye OK

    Lilliana Sofia Kendall Kendall does not seem to go with the other 2

    Lydia Bristol Summer Lydia is good, Summer is not a bad middle name, Bristol - not a good sound to me.

    Meredith Sienna Hope OK

    Reina Gabriella Capri OK

    Sage Contessa Giovanna I don't thinik Sage goes with the other 2 Contessa - a countess? Is this really used as a name?

    Sara-Belle Evangeline OK

    Savannah Mckenzie Rachael so-so

    Taylor-Mae Isabella not together. Isabella Taylor, Isabella Mae

    Vanessa Taylor Marie good

    I really like to just stick to a first and middle name - gets too clunky otherwise - unless you have some relatives you want to honor, I guess it's a good way to get more than 1 name in.

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  • 9 years ago

    Ailey McKenna Reese 7

    Alexandra Mia Lynn 6

    Allison Olivia Kaelynn 6

    Annabella Charlotte Elaine 8

    Ariana Ivy Danielle 9 (I love Danielle)

    Ava-Sloane Victoria 6

    Bartolina Faith Renee 4

    Carolina Mary-Jane 5

    Cecilia Molly Claire 5

    Delilah Rosalie Grace 6

    Dominique Layla Kate 7

    Elizabeth Ngaire Brooke nye-uh ree 7

    Emmalyn Christiana Joy 8

    Genesis Mykelti Suzanne 5

    Graziella Marilynn Faye 7 (Interesting name)

    Ireland Denali Blaire 7 (Unique)

    Isla Emily Scarlett 8

    Kyler-Anne Juliette 10 (Love Juliette)

    Lauren Saoirse Kaye 8

    Lilliana Sofia Kendall 9 (Love Lilliana)

    Lydia Bristol Summer 7

    Meredith Sienna Hope 6

    Reina Gabriella Capri 10 (Gorgeous name)

    Sage Contessa Giovanna 5 (Sage is a guy name to me)

    Sara-Belle Evangeline 8

    Savannah Mckenzie Rachael 7

    Taylor-Mae Isabella 7

    Vanessa Taylor Marie 8

    I hope I helped!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ailey McKenna Reese -I love McKenna

    Alexandra Mia Lynn - Love Mia

    Allison Olivia Kaelynn -Love Olivia

    Annabella Charlotte Elaine -Goes well but not with Elaine- love Annabella Charlotte

    Ariana Ivy Danielle- Ariana Ivy is nice but not with Dannielle

    Ava-Sloane Victoria - Ava-Slone is nice, but not with Victoria

    Bartolina Faith Renee -I like Faith

    Carolina Mary-Jane- I like Mary-Jane

    Cecilia Molly Claire- I love the name Molly

    Delilah Rosalie Grace - I like all three names, but they don't go well together, maybe just choose two of the three names as it sounds much better.

    Dominique Layla Kate -I like Layla Kate

    Elizabeth Ngaire Brooke nye-uh ree - Elizabeth Brooke is nice together

    Emmalyn Christiana Joy - Emma is nice

    Genesis Mykelti Suzanne - Mykeltie is an awesome name

    Graziella Marilynn Faye -Sorry not a fan

    Ireland Denali Blaire - I like Ireland Blaire

    Isla Emily Scarlett - Lovely combination of three lovely names

    Kyler-Anne Juliette - I like Juliette

    Lauren Saoirse Kaye -Lauren is a pretty name

    Lilliana Sofia Kendall -Nice combo

    Lydia Bristol Summer- I like them all but not together

    Meredith Sienna Hope - Siena Hope is nice

    Reina Gabriella Capri - Gabriella is pretty

    Sage Contessa Giovanna -Not a fan

    Sara-Belle Evangeline - Belle is nice

    Savannah Mckenzie Rachael - Love the combo

    Taylor-Mae Isabella -Very lovely, I think Taylah Isabelle Mae goes better

    Vanessa Taylor Marie -Nice sound, I like Taylah

    Hope this helps =)

    Good Luck!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I am not a fan of the following names...

    Ailey McKenna Reese...

    Bartolina Faith Renee...

    Dominique Layla Kate...

    Genesis Mykelti Suzanne...

    Graziella Marilynn Faye...

    Elizabeth Ngaire Brooke...

    Kyler-Anne Juliette...

    Sage Contessa Giovanna...

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Allison Bristol Vanessa

    Source(s): 3
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  • 3 years ago

    Abigail Rose: 9/10 it truly is totally exceptionally and undying. Alliannah Bethany: 5/10 i do no longer probable like it. Ariannah excitement: 7/10 i like Ariannah. Avah Gabriella: 9/10 i like the alternative spelling(: Carmella Faye: 2/10 i might chuckle at a woman with this call. Chloe Renee: 10/10 cutie Delilah compliment: 6/10 Delilah is sturdy..whaddap wit compliment?? Ella Juliette: 10/10 very elegant Emmaline Jo: 7/10 appears like a hick Estella Grace: 8/10 kinda lovable. appears like somebody tried too difficult. Everleigh Mae: 5/10 appears like somebody from the woodwork Gracelynn Annabelle: 10/10 Gracelynn is a accountable excitement of mine. Hayzel Evangeline: 10/10 the call hazel rocks Jacquelyn Paige: 4/10 Jacquelyn is previous adventure Brielle: 2/10 returned, i might lmao at somebody named adventure. It basically sounds uneducated. Levi Katherine: 11000000/10 LOVE LOVE LOVE NEW fashionable call(: Meadow Arabella: 5/10 i comprehend a meadow. She lives in a shack. Priscilla Snow 4/10 idefk. Rylee December 6/10 ehhh Savannah Elisabeth 7/10 greater clever Scarlett Oceana: 10/10 Scarlett is taken under consideration one of my fashionable names. Serenity faith 2/10 basically no. Skylah Rosalie 3/10 appears like a stripper iciness Noelle 7/10 very pleasing yet might on no account use iciness

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  • 9 years ago

    Dominique Layla Kate

    Isla Emily Scarlett

    Meredith Sienna Hope

    The rest I either don't like one of the names in the combos or I don't know how to pronounce the name. Individual names aren't bad though.

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