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Do you prefer unique names, traditional names, or popular names for boys? girls?

I prefer unique names for girls (like Ilaria) and traditional, masculine names for boys (like William and Zachary).

1. You move to Hawaii after college to pursue a career in surfing. You fall in love with your coach. He/she has brown, curly hair and hazel eyes and bronze skin. What is his/her full name?

2. You get married on the beach and honeymoon in________.

3. Your first child is a complete surprise. You have to pull out of a surfing competition early because of the pregnancy. But it's all worth it when your baby girl is born. You decide to name her after the ocean and give her 2 middle names.

4. 6 months pass, and you decide you want another bundle of joy, hopefully a boy this time. 10 months later a baby boy is born! His first name is Jubilee (means celebration). What is his middle name?

5. You fall in love with a TV show about a Chinese family living in Canada. You decide to adopt a child from China. Your options are 3-month-old twin boys or 5-year-old quadruplets (three girls and a boy). Which do you choose? You decide to keep one of the boy's names. Is it Yi-Min Shu or Tai Shing? What is/are the other name/s?

6. Your oldest child is begging for a pet. You get her a chameleon. What does she name it?

7. Because his sister got a pet________wants one too. You get him a dog and name it Zeus. What breed is the dog?

8. Your daughter is now 21 and is getting married to a surfer named Lilo Konala Kalai (Kalai being the last name). Their first child comes very soon after, and they ask you to name it.

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    1. His name is Austin Ramon Cepeda


    3.Oceana Coral Rae (Cepeda)

    4.Jubilee Maxwell (Cepeda)

    5. The Quadruplets- Tai Shing Rey (Cepeda), Eliza Rose (Cepeda), Hazel Annabeth (Cepeda) Sinclair Guenevere (Cepeda)

    6.Caren or Cole

    7. A ****-zhu

    8.Isla (Isla) Rosmary Linn Kalai

  • ybanez
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    3 years ago

    I want naming boys. I only like such various greater boy names than female names, so arising with boy call mixtures is a lot less difficult. Naming ladies is exciting too, although, probable because of fact that's this variety of project!

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