Kurds (Kurdistan) should not get their own land?

I am doing a debate on Kurds (Kurdistan) should not get their own land.

What I need is more reason why they should not get their own land using their language, religion and culture.

This is what I have so far:

- Turkey Kurd and Iraqi Kurds do not get along well enough to form a union. They're only bonded by similar circumstances. A minority in a country they live in

- Too much different languages, religions, traditions- what would be the "Official language, religion. If they do get their own country, would it be one country for all type of Kurds or each type of Kurds gets their own country?

- A argument from the other side would be, multiculturalism is good I reply "yes" multiculturalism is a good thing, but whats the point of separating from other countries? If they do separate, there will be less multiculturalism in the other countries. Key point: they are already multiculturalism.

Also if i have any information that is false, please tell me so that i can fix it and i would like the website too.


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    The start of your research is a fallacy in itself. The land the Kurds want is not a land that belongs to Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Iraq, rather it is the land that has always been theirs for thousands of years. It was not until the colonial division of the Middle East that the Kurdish land, Kurdistan, became divided between these countries, which, their current borders, never existed before WWI. That is some basic knowledge you should know before going ahead with your research and before writing about destruction of a nation.

    1) Now to answer directly, how much information do you have that Kurds from Turkey and Iraq do not get along well? Have you actually done your own research between their relations? Or have you seen other research between their relations, to see how good or bad they get along? No you have not, because no such research exists, for the mere reason no such research has ever been needed, because no such animosity exists between the Kurds of the two sides of the borders.

    In fact, Kurds from both sides of the borders get along very well. Many times since the last 5 years, leaders from BDP (Turkey's Kurdish party) Leyla Zana, Ahmed Turk, and others have visited Iraqi Kurdistan and their visit have very warmly been received. Just a week ago there was another such visit. Also, they are about to begin Kurdistan Conference that includes Kurds from all parts.

    What you are referring regarding not getting along well, is only a political difference between the political parties that is as natural and common as the difference between you and your siblings. That happens not just between Kurds from different borders, but between parties within the same border. That happens in America, and the rest of the world.

    2) There are no language difference. There are dialect differences. If you base your argument on the basis of there exists "too many" dialects, hence they should not have their own country, then your argument is strongly flawed. Why? Because India has over 100 different LANGUAGES. Not dialects, languages, yet they are doing fine. The Kurds do not even have 100 dialects, let alone 100 languages. And there are many other countries in the world that have many different languages and dialects that are doing fine, so why pinpoint the Kurds?

    Religions and traditions? The Kurds are the only nation in the Middle East where multi-religion and tolerance for each other strongly exists. The Muslims, the Christians, Jews, and many other religions have existed in Kurdistan without any problems among each other. Sure there have been minor problems, but that happens between Muslim themselves, or Christian themselves, and between other communities themselves. Remember the problems between you and your siblings? :). Same thing for traditions. Again, look at India, they have 100 times more religious difference than the Kurds.

    So what I suggest, Bell Chu, is that you rather should focus on why Turkey should give the Kurds equal rights as they give to the Turks. Equal rights in language and ethnicity. Equal rights in employment, education, social services, development, etc. Same thing with Iran and Syria. Or you should focus more on why should they HAVE their own land. Their circumstances and cause makes the perfect case for it. They are over 45 million population, they are a live nation, meaning their identity as Kurd is clear, they have a live, speaking language, and WANT their own country. And their cause is in accordance with the United Nations.

    Another thing, there are no different Kurds, there is only one type of Kurd, and that is Kurds. Kurds from Iraqi Kurdistan, Irani Kurdistan, Turkish Kurdistan, and Syrian Kurdistan are all the same with the same compassion towards each other and the same sense of identity with the same language, minus the dialects.

    Hope I cleared some things. Whatever focus you decide to do your research on, I would love to get a copy to read.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): The sources are the result of reading numerous books on the Kurds. Besides the fact that I am Kurdish.
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    Kurds do not deserve their own land.

    Firstly they are not united there are Syrian Kurds, Iraqi Kurds, and Turkish Kurds.

    They do not put an effort to make their country something better, most of their land is slums and uncultivated.

    The Kurds already fought against their neighbors Iraq and Turkey very violently. If they proclaim their land a huge war will start between Syria Iraq and Turkey and they Kurds will be demolished. let them just try to make their slums better than it is.

    Source(s): A Source of Knowledge.
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    So your saying they shouldnt get their own land that they were promised? They cant even speak their mind without getting aressted. You should watch Min Dit :) but sorry i dont have anything to say on why they shouldnt.

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    9 years ago

    No, they shouldn't. And you should do your own research

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