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facts about the oil spill in the gulf of mexico?

how it happend

the effects

how its going to recover...

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    How it happened. Incorrectly known as a SPILL . It was known as the Macondo Blowout LEAK for the sea floorrrrrrrr. The ensuing investigation CONCLUDED that B.P,Haliburton and Transocean in attempting to save costs helped trigger the blast and ensuing leak from the seabed..

    All the consequences of a Spill but it was a Leak........I have split enough beer and taken enough leaks to know the difference. To the 11 victims RIP

    There is a very strong "Loop Current" that flows from the site toward Louisiana and turns toward the Keys and up the east coast. Environmently Speaking it had ZERO affect on Mexico and this question is Not in "Other Mexico" or "Travel Mexico" but I was happy to answer it.

    Here is a link

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    The shore line along the Mexican side of the gulf was not effected. The US shoreline along the southern states ie; Louisiana, Mississippi,Alabama, and Florida were effected. The clean up and recovery continue and will continue for years to come. The environmental damage is and will be catastrophic. They are learning more each day to the damage that was done. Some say for next 50 years we will continue to see the effects of this spill.The waters of the Gulf will be in trouble for years. Experts say there could be millions of gallons of crude oil still circling the gulf just under the surface. This damage will effect the migratory patterns as well as birth defects for years.This hidden damage will effect the entire Gulf of Mexico waters and effect millions of people, jobs and livelihood.

    How it happened is a great question. Basically a pipe/valve broke and an important shut off valve was installed improperly or defective or some say not at all, and passed by US inspectors, Federal inspectors and off shore oil inspectors, as well as BP.The blame will be passed around for years.

    The demand for oil by the US is huge. We fight wars, we start wars, we kill for oil. Until we cut our demand, and to learn to use less, learn to use alternative power it will continue world wide.

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