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Looking Into Renting A House....?

My fiance and I are looking into renting a house,either through a company or someone who is renting out the're house. I would like to get some information on how does it work if let's say someone wants to buy the house from them,can they sell it. If so will we have to leave,if so how long do we have? Can they offer money,etc,etc.What if they want the're house back? How does all of this work? I'm sure u guys get the point. We don't want to rent knowing we can be put out at any time for any reason. How safe are we legally??? What are the GA laws for renting. We live in Gwinett County if anyone is familiar with Gwinett in GA. Thx in advance guys!!!

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  • D J
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    9 years ago
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    Renting a house is entering into a contract. Both sides need to set out what to expect. Check the local Sunday paper for homes to rent. You might run into problems since it's you & your girlfriend, some people will not rent to you if your not married. You will be required to give them a security deposit & first & last months rent.

    If you have a lease, even of the owner is foreclosed on by his bank you can stay till the end of your lease. Just read the rental agreement before your sign it. Be prepared to undergo a background check.

    Read the Clark Howard web site about renting, you know him from WSB TV & Radio.

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  • 9 years ago

    Generally speaking once a lease is signed both parties are bound by it's terms. That means you have to pay the rent and be a generally good tenant. It also means that the landlord has to allow you to rent the place for the agreed upon time and provide necessary upkeep. They can sell the home to another owner but your lease still supersedes the sale so regardless of the sale, you can still stay till the lease is up. There are rare exceptions but generally those have to do with situations where the house isn't livable or the home is being taken back by the bank-even then the bank should let you at least live out the remainder of your term.

    Work used to move me a lot so I rented a lot. I hate apartments so I always lived in houses. If you are close to a college, check their paper and financial aid office for listings from locals that are often easier to work with and cheaper. Craigslist, fliers and the newspaper classifieds are also options though not the best for deals.

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  • 9 years ago

    Most rental agreements are month to month total 60 days with 30 days paid in advance, plus cleaning deposits etc; A lease is for a fixed period of time, usually for 1 years or longer. Yes the owner can still sell the house to another buyer. It would be up to the new buyer and a new rental agreement or a 30-60days notice

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    DO NOT live at the same address, they WILL stop your benefits and when he stops paying the rent you will be homeless. The government does not give a DAMM! We are a homeless family they do not care ! Live separately and protect your benefits. ! Be wise for you sake and the little one and him too !

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