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how do i write this? anyone know for sure?

how to say

"why dont you love me"

Or "you promised" in Samoan Or Tongan

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    These are samoan translations.

    Why don't you love me?- Aisea E Te Le Alofa Ai Ia A'u?

    Aisea (Ah-eeh-seh-ahh)- WHY

    E (Eh)- YOU

    Te Le (Teh Leh)- DON'T

    Alofa (Ah-loh-fah)- LOVE

    Ai Ia (Ah-eeh Eeh-ah)- These two words are used in the samoan language everytime and basically

    points towards. In this case, towards you.

    A'u (Ah'-ooh)- ME

    You Promised.- Ga e kauko mai.

    Ga (Ng-ah)- Similiar like the two words I described above in that they're used everytime in the

    Samoan language. But, it is to emphasize on the samoan word "you".

    E (Eh)- YOU

    Kauko (Kah-ooh-koh)- PROMISED

    *i hope i helped with the pronunciation. i really tried my best. i just have to say, that the "Kah" pronunciation is really hard. Pronouncing the "K" in "Kauko" is like pronuouncing "G" like its used in Gold, Gun, Gutter, etc. Use that pronunciation of "G" but follow the rest of the pronunciation guide.

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