question about wifi booster?

I have an apple airport router Im working off of, I have the separate apple antennae for it running to my desktop computer. My question is my signal kinda sucks. Can I put a wifi repeater in my house to boost my signal for my laptops. And if I can, can I use a different brand like a linksys repeater? If I need to explain further let me know. Thanks

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  • Neil
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    9 years ago
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    You can. You will probably not be pleased with the results. Repeaters are useful for some situations, but by their nature they increase lag times and reduce throughput. If you can resolve the problem without resorting to a repeater, you'll be happier.

    How? Carefully consider the straight-line path between antennas. In particular, what is in the way? Sometimes a small movement of an antenna makes a huge difference.

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