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what happened to kazakhstan?

I never hear anything about that country in the news or media. Most americans have never heard of that place and it's not that small! Maybe this is the wrong section but I think I can get more answers here.


It's their turn to get hit by a horrible catastrophic event.

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    Nothing has happened. It's just one of those countries that does not make the news much. Which can be a good thing. Last week I watched a live broadcast of the landing of a Soyuz from the ISS in Kazakhstan. It was a nice clear day on the steppes. Keep in mind that every space launch and landing by Russian craft actually happens in Kazakhstan.

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    It's like Canada.

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    No one talks about them, but that means we should bomb em bc they nevr talk and that the fact is also they should ww3 is going to be around the corner son, so be prepared for the bombing of your life!!!!

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    Two civilians got arrested for being lesbians.

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    Eeez nice!

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    Going Next week there ... so dont saya that .

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