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I have a big bag of mozzirella cheese in what can i cook for my family with it the don't want pizza?

I want to cook something for lunch for the kids and my hubby i have a big bag of mozzirella grated cheese. They all don't want pizza what can i cook with it i have most basic and herbs onions tomatoes sping onions and puff and short crust also tomato paste and any other basics you would have in any ideas what i can make em the cheese has to be used up soon.


I also have potatoes tortillas mushrooms Chedda cheese chicken mushrooms eggs bread ect thanks

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    Quesadillas maybe? Just lay a tortilla flat on medium heat in a skillet, add the ingredients mentioned above, then fold over after a few mins. Cut into sections of three our four. Serve up!

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    fondue with nice fresh French bread.

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    How about mozzerella, tomato and basil toasties? I love them :) if you have fresh tomatos and basil its the way to go!!! xxx

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    make meatloaf. melt the cheese on top, and put mushrooms and onions on it. yum! i had this the other day. it was amazing.

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    Throw it all in a blender and make a smoothie.

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