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What is the touchdown vertical speed of ILS without "flare"?

If I dont flare at the decision height (200 feet) and continue and make an autoland will my tires blow out? What is the typical touchdown vertical speed of 737 (I usually flare and get -90 and sometimes -250 feet per minute) I think if it goes beyond -650 feet per minute the tires will blow out? What if I dont flare at the ILS DH and continue that way until it lands and then I brake?

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    The vertical speed at touchdown on a typical glide path of 3 degrees depends on the ground speed, but for a ground speed of 120 knots, it would be about 10.6 feet per second (635 fpm).

    An autoland will take care of the flare and vertical speed for you. Default aircraft in Flight Simulator are not equipped for autoland.

    Flaring at 200 feet puts you at risk of a stall, in which case you'll hit the runway at a very high speed indeed.

    The purpose of the flare is to reduce speed and vertical descent rate at the last instant of landing, for a smoother, safer touchdown. This pitch-up maneuver increases lift and decreases air (and ground) speed. As airspeed decays, lift diminishes, but the aircraft is in ground effect and touches down before the vertical descent rate can increase again. If you do this at 200 feet, the airspeed is likely to decay far enough to stall the aircraft, in which case you drop onto the runway like a rock, with unpleasant results that far surpass those of a blown tire.

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    it is a 5 percent/ 3 degrees glideslope for a reason. see your approach speed and divide by 20 to get 5 percent. this is your vertical impact speed,

    for approach speed of 100knots, 5 percent is 5 knots. 500 ft/min

    you might as well bounce again into 150 ft, then crash again.

    you will definitely crush your armchair, FSXpilot.

    anyways, DH is not height for flare.. it is a DECISION height. go around or land.

    Source(s): if you have problem with flare and landing, you probably should return back to basics and fly traffic patterns with a cessna 152. yes i know. traffic circuits in a virtual cessna are not as sexy as watching the cat III landing of a virtual B737.
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    Uh just check your ASI!

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