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  • 9 years ago
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    F: Oh my gammit! (?)

    F: Hey. it's Fred again, and I just found out the best thing ever!

    F: A local news reporter just got fired because he got caught marrying his first cousin!

    F: That'd be weird if I found out that Judy was actually my first cousin! Eww.

    F: I don't even care, cause now I can audition and become the local news reporter!

    F: Fred Gigglehorn is in a small town in America, reporting on all the stories that deserves to be heard.

    F: This is actually the exact playground which just two months ago, an old man suffered from a massive heart attack!

    F: Are you guys aware that just two months ago a guy died here?! His ghost can be lingering around us right now!

    Officer Hanis: We can't currently talk about that right now.

    F: Oh, so what can you talk about huh, sir?

    O.H: Many things.

    F:(Poking the guy's face) What can you talk about???

    F: Book theft is running rampapt in this town, let's go in that thing (?), c'mon.

    F: Hey, ma'am did you buy those books?

    M: No, no, I didn't buy them.

    F: Oh, she didn't buy the books! She's a book thief!

    F: Come back here lady, you have to buy those books!

    M: Leave me alone! I just... No! (Scream)


    F: So, how does it make you feel knowing that people are stealing books from the local library when you're suppose to be guarding the town?

    O.H: As far as I know, none of that is taking place.

    F: Really? Cause we just caught a girl on tape, walking out of the library claiming she's just "renting" the books.

    O.h: Uh, I think that's pretty much what you do there, is you rent the books.

    To be continue with the explaination...

    2011-05-30 03:23:12 補充:

    F: Alien abduction is a serious topic in my town, and I have someone here that claimed they had been abducted by real life aliens.

    F: (sigh), what did those alien creatures do to you?

    Boy: They took me to there mothership, ran some tests, then they probed me.

    2011-05-30 03:34:04 補充:

    there's more.

    2011-05-30 03:35:06 補充:

    Open up another question, cause there's more dialogue, but not enough space.

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