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How Can Homosexuality Be A Choice AND A Mental Illness?

I've seen so many Bible thumpers use both arguments. How can something be both? People don't choose to be ill.

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    Well it seems the bible thumpers as you cause them choose to be intolerant, hate filled, bigoted and persecuting and all GOOD christians would think these people are suffering a mental illness!

    Anglican leaders from around the world reiterated their opposition to the "victimisation or diminishment" of gays and lesbians, saying demonising and persecuting them was "totally against Christian charity and basic principles of pastoral care".

    "We say that no one should have to live in fear because of the bigotry of others."

    The mormons poured millions into forcing through prop 8 in CA: to ban gay marriage. The courts held that to be unconstitutional. It is now awaiting the Supreme Court verdict which is expected to uphold the early court decision.

    If that happens then gay marriage will become legal everywhere!

    The loving god works in mysterious ways!

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    Hang on a sec! A CHRISTIAN speaking from that point of view as a believer in Jesus Christ, God's word, God's sovereignty over determining what's right and what's wrong would never, ever, ever use a psychiatric argument to make the case against homosexuality!

    Homosexuality IS A SIN! It's identified as such in the Bible. The Bible makes it CLEAR that homosexuality is a sin! Here's a typical Christian point of view on the subject:

    Notice NO references to homosexuality being a mental illness or a choice. THE argument against homosexuality is that it's a sin. But Christians often fall into the trap of trying to answer the many feeble attempts to justify and validate homosexuality. It's then that you hear some of the other responses from Christians--yes!--but essentially Christians debating in a secular way.

    The choice argument IS valid. The best a homosexual can do is to argue that he or she didn't CHOOSE to have these desires, these urges, etc. But there is ALWAYS a lag between when he or she first realizes ... uh oh, I am attracted to people of the same sex and the time that he or she is actually IN a homosexual sexual relationship.

    It is during this interim period that the homosexual tries to plead utter and completely helplessness, victimhood, etc. that we call them out with the choice argument. A great analogy is this:

    A guy suddenly figures out that he hates this person or that and wants him or her dead. Stop! Is he a murderer? Of course not! I just said that he WANTS him or her dead! He has not acted upon the urge. He has not facilitated the death. It's an URGE! It's a THOUGHT! It's a DESIRE!

    For that person to go from urge to action is to go from a potential murderer to a murderer.

    And so it goes with the homosexual. The homosexual is NOT a homosexual when all he or she has done is ... felt urges. It is only when he or she ACTS that he or she becomes ... a homosexual. And I defy you or anyone else to tell me that there is no choice in choosing to act upon or to resist said urges. It IS an act! It IS a choice! Got it?

    Now ... the mental illness argument. Christianity did NOT pronounce homosexuality a mental illness. Christianity (God really!) pronounces it a SIN, as we've already said. It was in fact the American Psychiatric Association (APA) who called homosexuality a mental disorder. That's a fact that they did! Lest you doubt me, here's an article marking the 25th anniversary of when the APA stopped calling homosexuality a mental disorder:

    So, again, no Christian really cares what the APA said before or since. I mean: GOD says homosexuality is a sin. The APA never called it a sin! The APA once said it was a mental disorder and now they don't. Big whoop! They're humans! They're imperfect! They don't care about God's word or God's will.

    The "it's a mental illness" thing sort of creeps in when the homosexual community INSISTS that they are "just like we are." Uh huh. Maybe Christians are being petty, but we're like: "Oh yeah? Well, the APA has never identified Christianity OR heterosexuality as mental disorders!" So, are you SURE you're just like we are? (Consider it a sort of needle.)

    And let's be clear ... there are mental illnesses that utterly and completely render people incapable of making concious, informed, considered decisions (schizophrenia, for example) AND there are mental illnesses that in no way hamper onces ability to make decisions (e.g., mild depression).

    So, your argument that IF it's a mental illness then they would have no choice in the matter is simply specious. You really think that homosexuals are soooooooooooooooooo locked into the urge to be gay that they cannot control themselves? LOL! Then ... why the delay between the time they first realize their uh oh moment and the time when they actually act? Mental illness or no mental illness, there is still a moment of decision, a choice, and a concious act on their parts. AND it's still a sin in God's eyes!

    Next question?

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    To those who insist homosexuality is a choice:

    Why would anyone choose a life of persecution and scorn from sanctimonious Christians, execution if you live in certain Muslim countries, and chance to be fired from one's job, lose one's housing, community ridicule, denied the chance to visit their sick partner in the hospital, no implicit inheritance rights and some 1300 other rights?

    So when did you weigh all your options, looking at heterosexuality and homosexuality, and then decide the latter was not for you?

    Nobody says it has to be to your liking, your cup of tea. But that doesn't make it wrong because it conforms to your narrow world view. The church has been wrong on so many things.

    To those who like quoting Leviticus, your peers keep reminding us atheists that Jesus replaced the old laws with a new covenant. You have some 1600 laws in the Old Testament and yet single out a handful. You have so missed the lesson about Jesus and the Prostitute and Matthew 7 the Timber and the Splinter. If homosexuality were such an important problem, why was your Jesus completely silent on the subject?

    Your Jesus reminds us that there is no hierarchy to sin, that all sins are equivalent. Yet, you continue to point out homosexual acts while ignoring Matthew 7. Your arrogant pride does not emulate your Jesus very well.

    In the end, I don't care whether or not it is a choice.

    If your god has such a problem with homosexuals, he should stop creating so many of us.

    I am what I am

    And what I am needs no excuses!

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    Homosexuality is of a very ancient origin so far back during the early part of mans evolution when certain animal men took and bred monsters which brought forth all kinds of human,and sub-human creatures into being such as Pygmies ,a whole host of UN-natural abominations such as homosexuals and so on,and many monsters including the various monkeys,-;mon-or MON-meaning monstrosities. More on this can not as yet be revealed due to the fact that this is a very sensitive topic indeed..

    Source(s): The Secret Doctrine;-VOL ii, Anthropogenesis
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    It's not both. Different Christian groups propose different views. Fundamentalist Protestants say that it is a choice. I'm not sure about non-fundamentalist Protestants. Catholics say that it is a mental illness - a compulsion just the same as a serial killer has compulsions to kill. Catholics disagree with the Protestants who assert it is a choice, and those Protestants disagree with Catholics who think it is an illness. I'm not sure what Orthodox believe. I think both are wrong, of course - homo/bi-sexuality is a neither a choice nor an illness.

    Edit: I should specify that Catholics think that the orientation is not a choice - people don't choose to be gay or straight or bi, but they do choose to act on their orientation. So Catholics say that homosexual desires are not sinful, but the acts are.

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    Sexual immorality is a sin. Too many Christians are attacking the homosexual or the prostitute and looking the other way at premarital sex, adultery. molestation and incest. Fornication is the culprit, the way to all sexual immorality, regardless as to how you look at it. If you ever committed fornication you are part of the problem. The task is to first live the life and than to share the Gospel. Everything we do in life is a choice except to be born and to die.

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    it's not either one of them.The bible thumpers are just,most of the time,ignorant to what they don't know. homosexuality is something you're born with,it isn't chosen or a mental illness

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    I think religion is a mental illness and a choice.

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    I think people have a choice and sometimes they don't have a choice. And 1 is because of sins. For example if someone in your family does magic or something that curses the entire family, then your generation will suffer and it will pass down to your children and their children etc. So you can choose to explore your options and it could be hereditary. I hope that makes sense.

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    Because EVERYONE Chooses who they have as a sexual partner.,.Thus C-H-O-I-C-E !!!!

    and as far as mental illness goes, it has to be mental for a man or woman to not know what gender they are from one day to the next.....that sounds like a illness to me !!! And that illness is SIN Sickness !!!

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