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Aaarrgghhh! Where can I find Hammermill Jet Print Photo Portrait Studio Brilliant Satin...?

...Paper?? Can't find it anywhere!

I bought a pack sometime ago, at Walmart, and now I need it for projects I'm doing. I can't even find it on the net! Can someone please help. Thanks

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    Hammermill is a subsidiary of International Paper. The company publishes a comprehensive Stock Source Book that lists every paper grade profile, their application and even the competitions equivalent product.

    The Stock Source listed one product that was specifically listed as an InkJet paper; Product Number 10505-0. Hammermill does not use "satin" to describe any paper products and most of the other products specify that they are suitable for InkJet Printers. Do you still have the packaging from the ream you purchased from Wal-Mart? The product number can be used to find what you are looking for. International Paper also has a detailed description for the 10505-0 product on page 39:

    In the event you do not have the original packaging, I recommend you try to identify the paper based on what you are using the paper for. Their paper selector guide is very easy to use:

    You might find the paper you purchased before, and if you don’t, I am sure you will be able to select a suitable replacement. The website also has a listing of companies who carry their products. I hope you will post what you choose so we can all benefit from your experience with this great paper product.

    Good Luck!

    -- JC --

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