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Why does people compare Michael Buble as the NEXT Sinatra?

I don't even see how he can shine his shoes? Sinatra got the most amazing phrasing, He is one of the greatest story tellers in music where you believe him when he sings so much emotion in his voice, Great baritone singer, He got the best arrangers and the best musicians of that day to be in his band, He has the most perfect voice through his young Harry James/Dorsey years, prime years and his vintage years.. He made CLASSICS that is still remembered.

what does Michael got? He stole Nelson Riddle's arrangements and rerecord him, His voice sounds like a kid a very high voice and the only person in my opinion that is acceptable as a crooner is Tony Bennett I'm sure their are great other great singers with a high voice but I don't think Michael is one of them.. He just sounds like one of those medioker wedding singers. He has some style in some songs, I'll give him that, but to call him THE NEXT SINATRA!? that's just absurd.

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