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bg asked in Home & GardenDo It Yourself (DIY) · 1 decade ago

Screw head snapped off while fixing my Moen kitchen faucet, how can I get it out?

The handle on my faucet (Moen 7560) fell off due to the black plastic clip (part of the 'Handle Adapter Kit #100429) breaking in half. I ordered part #100429 to fix it but as I was unscrewing the Handle Screw (#96804) the head broke off the screw and now the threaded portion of the screw is stuck in what appears to be the Replacement Cartridge (#1225). Is there any way to get the threaded portion of the screw out? If not, do I just need to order part #1225 and install that as well with the Handle Screw included in the Handle Adapter Kit? Thank you

Exploded faucet diagram:

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    I know that you are not going to like this answer, but I am being honest. Spend the money and buy a new replacement faucet. I am a professional machinist that removes broken screws almost daily. This is not a task for home owner. If you don't drill perfect in the center the part is scrap. Now you need to buy another. Save yourself the headaches and buy new.

    Source(s): Machinist for over 41 years. Removed hundreds of broken screws. Some didn't work out.
  • dnwwwo
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    Your in luck, #1225 is a stock item available at Home Depot for 10 to 15 bucks. It's the same insert that the lower end Moen showers use. Just remove the retaining clip and pull it out with a pair of pliers. This will also cure any drips you are having.

    When removing the old one, note that there is a notch on the stem. Look to see if it is up or down and install the new on the same way. Slide it in, replace the clip and your good to go.

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    Moen 7560 Parts

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    A broken screw that small is going to a little hard to deal with.....determine the id of the hole (not the od of the screw) use a slow turning drill (Batt. powered) ...And try to drill thru the screw...If you do get the hole drilled out...Retap the hole and put a new screw in...If you don't have the tools to try this ...Get a new cartridge

    Source(s): Mech
  • 1 decade ago

    your prolly going to have to tap it get a metal drill bit drill exact center then get a taping bit the size of the screw its a real pain have fun

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