what are christian radio stations?

i have been looking for christian radio stations for awhile and can find any. Does anybody know of a christian radio station and if its am or fm thanks! (i live in ky)

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    10 years ago
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    Radio Stations located in the state of KY

    wskj 87.5 FM Stanton

    efgh 87.5 FM 92.9 the bear

    WTRT 88.1 FM Heartland Ministries Radio - Truth 88

    WDFB 88.1 FM WDFB Christian Radio FM 88.1

    WRFL 88.1 FM University of Kentucky

    WAXG 88.1 FM American Family Radio

    WSGP 88.3 FM Glasgow, KY

    WOCS 88.3 FM Morehead State University

    WEKF 88.5 FM Great Music & NPR News-Eastern Kentucky University

    WBMK 88.5 FM American Family Radio – Something Good in the Air

    WJIE 88.5 FM Evangel Christian School

    WMMT 88.7 FM - Mountain Community Radio

    WKYU 88.9 FM Western Kentucky University

    WEKU 88.9 FM Eastern Kentucky University

    WNKJ 89.3 FM The World Needs King Jesus

    Hopkinsville, KY Phone Religious, Radio Website

    WFPL 89.3 FM WFPL 89.3 FM - Louisville's NPR News Station

    WGCF 89.3 FM 89.3 FM WGCF - Where God Comes First

    WKPB 89.5 FM Western Kentucky University

    WAAJ 89.7 FM Christian Hit Radio - The J-FM

    WNKU 89.7 FM Northern Kentucky University

    WDCL 89.7 FM Western Kentucky University Somerset, KY

    WKVO 89.9 FM K-Love - Positive and Encouraging

    WSOF 89.9 FM WSOF-FM Christian Radio 89.9 FM

  • 7 years ago

    101.7 I think

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