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GERD surgery; know anyone who had it / hiatal hernia?

know anyone who had this(surgery for gerd or hiatal hernia) or if you had this and if you were able to be physically active again, like lets say martial arts and mountain biking?

also, how long did it take to heal?

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    Surgery for hiatal hernia is quite controversial. Plication is the term used for that kind of surgery. Some do well but there are also failures, so there's really no guarantee that it will work for you. So, unless your symptoms are debilitating, I would recommend that you try less invasive procedures or treatment first like raising the head of your bed when sleeping, taking antacids or anti-gas medications, avoiding gas producing foods, or anti-spasmodics. If, however, your symptoms are such that you are unable to function, then by all means consider having it done by one who has experience doing it. Good Luck.

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    Hi, a few weeks ago I had an inguinal hernia repair, which I understand is pretty similar. They basically but it back inside my abdomen and reinforced my abdomen with some mesh.

    I am pretty young, 17, so I made a quicker recovery than other might make, but I shouldn't think it would be that different.

    After about a week it stopped hurting. At 2 weeks, at which I'm at about now, it's fully healed and there is no pain. The doctors recommended that I start running again after 4 weeks, but I'm doing gentle jogging now with no adverse effect, so I think that is a maximum time to lower chances of reoccurence.

    For things like martial arts I suggest waiting 4 weeks, for mountain biking maybe 2-weeks

    (The first 2-3 days after the procedure can be pretty nasty, so I recommend dosing up on painkillers, which helps substantially. Also, don't lie in bed all day. Moving is essential to quick recovery, go for short walks, go up and down stairs every now and then)

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    Gastroenterologist or General Surgeon

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