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Things to do in Pittsburgh?

my boyfriend and i are going to pittsburgh next week to watch the phillies and pirates game. since its a 6 hr drive we decided to stay for the weekend. any suggestions where to go? restaurants, parks, nightlife...? thanks!

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    If you stay in the city, go to the South Side. There is a lot to do on East Carson street (the main street of the SS). There are many bars to wet your whistle and just as many fine eateries. I recommend Primanti Bros, as this is about the equivalent to a Philly cheese-steak (granted you are from Philadelphia). Despite there being a multitude of places to go, use your better judgment; Some places are not worth the price to get in.

    Go atop Mt. Washington and you can see the skyline in stunning panoramic form. Go to Oakland and you can see the educational mecca of the city by seeing The University of Pittsburgh as well as Carnegie Mellon University. While in Oakland, you can also visit the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and if you are up for a short walk, you can visit Phipps Conservatory, an indoor garden.

    If you decide to elope the north shore, (PLEASE DON'T GO TO THE NORTH SIDE) check out Heinz Field; you will see the stadium of winners lol. But, you can also visit the Carnegie Science Center. And if you would really like to see the city, I recommend the Gateway Clipper Fleet. It is a fleet of riverboats that take you on the three rivers and give you tours of the city. Some cruises are dinner cruises, but these always tend to be pricey.

    Going to PNC Park should be a treat in itself, because it is the best ballpark in all baseball. There is no bad seat in the house and the food is good.

    I recommend walking on the Roberto Clemente Bridge before or after the game to see the diverse array of homeless people in Pittsburgh. There is some guy who can play any song on the saxophone. He always gets money from me.

    I would not venture out of the city, as most of the Pittsburgh suburban folk are rustic and uncouth.

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