How does this process work one of getting my roof fixed after hail storm and not getting scammed by roofers?

I just had hail damage to my house and of course roofers came around within a week. They are telling me the roof is totalled which i certainly dont believe it was totalled! There was a little damage Im sure but not much to speak of. Then I called my home ownersinsurance company and all and they got an adjustor to the house . Adjustor came and he didnt even go on thef roof, he was an older guy and he let the roofer go up there and take pics. WEll then the claim went through and I got 2 checks of 17,000 . It was about 10,00 for the roof and 7000 for my vinyl fance which I didnt even mention getting fence fixed as it only had some dings and dents in it from the hail. Can I now get quotes from other roofers now? My roofer agreed to give me 1000 cash but i really dont feel it will cost him 16,000 just to repair the roof.... If I told the roofer i was just given 1 check of 7000 do u think he would just take that and I could pocket the rest and it would be ok? i think roofer will just say he will take amount my insurance company paid me but i dont feel he should need all the money to repair the roof. please advise anyone that knows what to do from previous experience or just a smart guy that knows these answers!!! thanks any good advice would be appreciated!!! please reply asap I hear roofers try to make out big and take advantage it these situations by just replacing whole roof and getting insurance companies to pay for it..

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you had hail damage you do need to get it fixed, and it can be a costly repair. I would recommend getting multiple quotes from other roofing companies, and often they are free so there is no charge. There may have been 17,000 worth of damage, but do not pay your roofing company until the job is complete. If it is an out of town roofing company they could scam you and easily pick up and leave. Before hiring any roofing company read reviews online, and check the Better Business Bureau. You may want to check out this blog on out of town roofers, and how to use caution when hiring one... Best of luck

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    9 years ago

    First to answer about your roof, while it may appear from the ground that you have no damage there can be damage. When hail hits a roof that has good shingles it makes a dent and removes or depreciates the amount of material in that spot. Within a short amount of time the shingle cracks and then you have a problem so yes your roof can be totalled while not appearing so.

    You can always get qoutes from other roofers and go with the bid you feel is the best for you. However the insurance company will check on who you use as far as their price for if it lower than the adjusters estimate they will want money back.What the one roofer was offering was basically giving you a kickback for his estimate would actually total the adjustment yet he would make sure you had some money too for using him.Although they can't say that it is how it works, the most important thing is for you to have a new roof.

    Keep in mind the money they gave you for the fence will work the same way...good luck

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    5 years ago

    I would recommend getting multiple quotes from other roofing companies,

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    9 years ago

    there could be more damage than appears, let insurance fix it their own fault if they pay to much.

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