Kaspersky is yellow and won't go green?

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I have installed a trial of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 to my ASUS laptop. I am new to Kaspersky and I don't really know how to work it so well. For whatever reason, the ...show more
Update : Now when I click on "Fix now" it opens a box that says in red letters, ...show more
Update 2: In case I got a virus from a website I go to, please help me identify ...show more

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  • answered 3 years ago
    kaspersky only turn yellow because it could not clean Trojan off computer .

    it had to have you Quarantine or delete it .

    you are safe it got virus off computer

    Quarantine is a special storage for suspicious (probably infected) objects.

    Suspicious objects are objects which are suspected to be infected with a virus or its modification.

    It is not always possible to definitely determine if an object is infected or not.

    Possible reasons:

    Analyzed object code resembles a known threat but some part of it is modified.
    Application databases contain the threats which are already known to Kaspersky Lab specialists. If a malicious program has been modified but such modifications are not in the database yet, Kaspersky Anti-Virus will recognize such an object infected with a modified malicious program as probably infected and will indicate what threat this infection resembles.
    Analyzed object code structure resembles that of a malicious program, but databases do not contain anything similar.

    It may be a new type of threats, so Kaspersky Anti-Virus will recognize such an object as probably infected.
    The module responsible for recognition of possibly infected files is the heuristic code analyzer.

    Probably infected objects may be detected and quarantined by a Virus Scan task, or by File Anti-Virus, Mail Anti-Virus, and Proactive Defense.

    Objects are moved (not copied) into Quarantine. It means that the object is deleted from a disc or an e-mail and saved in the quarantine folder.

    Quarantined files are stored in internal binary formats. So they cannot be a threat.

    I don't know what site you got virus look up sites got nothing .

    I don't know if trail version has safe run in the safe environment does not affect the operating system, which means that they cannot be exploited by intruders. If necessary, you can clear all changes made to the safe browser and restore the default settings.

    if do like program and buy Kaspersky it will delete or Quarantined Automatically
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