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Liberals & Conservatives, Zionists and Anti-Zionists: what are some good books to read on the Middle East?

Let me add: with the noted exception of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," please.

I probably can't keep Historical Revisionists = Holocaust deniers = gross anti-Semites from answering this question. However, I'm not asking your opinions and won't welcome your replies.

I ask my question of the sane people in YA Politics because a conservative Zionist just replied to one of my posts by saying that "only Americans who have never opened a history book in their lives" could ever agree with my opinions, which are fairly critical of Zionism.

I actually have read a little bit history books, to be honest, and I've read a number of books - many of them somewhat left-leaning -- on the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict .

But I confess that I haven't read any of the conservative Zionist ones, at least not since high school.

No matter what side of this chronic, messy, violent political feud you happen to favor, what are some books on Israel, Jews & Palestinians that YOU think are worth everyone in YA Politics looking at?

My favorites, for anyone who's interested, include:

-- The Old Testament, including the books of Numbers, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Ruth, Jonah

-- James Michener, "The Source"

-- Leon Uris, "Exodus"

-- Ariel Sharon's autobiography, "Warrior"

-- *** Israeli historian Benny Morris, "Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict"

-- Ze-ev Sternhell, "The Founding Myths of Israel"

-- Amos Elon, "A Blood-Dimmed Tide"

-- Noam Chomsky, "Middle East Illusions: Including Peace in the Middle East? Reflections on Justice and Nationhood."

-- Albert Hourani, "A History of the Arab Peoples"

-- Robert Fisk, "The Great War for Civilization"

-- David Shipler: "Arab and Jew: Wounded Spirits in the Promised Land"

-- Philip Roth, "Operation Shylock" (satirical novel, not a history book)

-- Chaim Potok, "The Chosen" (novelistic exploration of Orthodox

anti-Zionism in the US in the 1950s)

-- ** Thomas Friedman: "From Beirut to Jersusalem"

What other accounts of the Jewish / Palestinian / Middle East conflict do you think should be added to this list?


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    Well Andy, it looks like you've read a lot of good books, but even a cursory glance a the list strikes me as a little one sided. 10 jewish authors, 1 arab would lead me to believe that you have received a slanted version of the facts, especially since some portion are admitted fiction or fictionalized accounts of actual events.

    You should start reading some of the mid-east blogs on Al Jazerra's web site. It won't change your opinion, but it will make you realize that the world is not all black and white.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The Alpha-Draconians

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Read about "the nephilim"

    They are in the old testament and the new one. VERY INTERESTING.

    Read "the gods must be crazy"

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  • Oreo
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    9 years ago

    That was going to be as my answer but you will not welcome it; Read the Bible it has all the answers

    Source(s): Bible Reader and not any Z's or anti Z's
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