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I work as a nurse in a doctors office that specializes in pre employment physicals. I did a physical on this girl who was extremely attractive as well had a great personality. We were joking and laughing throughout everything, and she was very into me. (she got a nursing job). She said that she would have like to work with me, and told me her lifes story. I didn't get her number, but I got it from her chart! Is it o.k. to text/call her? Will my job be in jeopardy? She is single and lives in Ohio. Should I call her?

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  • 9 years ago
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    yeah! explain how you got her number so she won't think you tried stalking her or anything but she's definitely not going to report you -->things could go swimmingly, worst case scenario: she doesn't reply, but even then, at least you know you tried. people don't flirt enough! i would loove a call from a cute nurse who gave me a physical and how you met is just a great story to tell your friends (not so great for her..)

    i would sort of advise against the facebook, i know that's what all the cool kids are doing but that just makes you seem too invested and more personal if rejection occurs. i'd rather a guy just sees my number while going through my chart and thinking 'she was nice, i should text her,' instead of going that extra step to look at my profile and make judgements

  • 9 years ago

    If she was having a good time with you, I'm sure it would be okay. I would try to find her on FaceBook first, and then ask her for her number, but if you can't or don't have one, then sure text her.

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