What is a family Bible? How is it different from a regular Bible?

Also do I have a family bible and where is it?

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    To answer you in as simple manner as possible A family Bible is a "regular" Bible that family records have been written in. It is usually passed down from on generation to another. They are not always correct.

    There is no way for anyone on this site to know it your Family has maintained a Bible. You might ask your relatives about it.

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    What Is A Family Bible

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What is a family Bible? How is it different from a regular Bible?

    Also do I have a family bible and where is it?

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    Family Bibles were produced by the large publishing houses. They were usually bigger than normal Bibles, and had illustrations. (They cost more, too; if a family had one, they were almost always the most expensive book in the house, and sometimes the only one.) They had all the content of a regular Bible - usually the King James, for Protestants, and the whatever translation the Catholics use for Catholics - but they also had extra pages, at the front or the back, for births, deaths and marriages.

    Usually they would have, for instance, the title "Marriages" on one or more pages, then lines to record the data, with "(Groom)", "(Bride)", "(Date)" and "(Place)" under the lines so you'd know what to put where. Some might have space for the couple's parents. The page(s) for "Births" would almost always have space for the parents; the page(s) for deaths might, or might not.

    How many pre-printed pages you got for data - and how many full color illustrations you got, for that matter - depended on the publisher and how much you paid. Most Bible publishing houses had at least one "Family" edition. They still print them. Stop into a religious book store and look, if you are curious.

    The Library of Virginia has a couple of thousands digitized. As early as the 1930's they realized that family bibles had valuable data, and they started microfilming the genealogical data in them. In the 1990's they started digitizing the microfilm.

    > Also do I have a family bible and where is it?

    That's like asking if you have a World Book encyclopedia, or a Laz-E-Boy recliner. Do you want someone to come over to your house and look? Your FAMILY may have one; ask your older relatives.

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  • Ian
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    10 years ago

    I agree with the comments on here.

    I hav.e a family bible It records births marriages and deaths from about 1816. At that time my family lived in England. England only started to keep official records of births from 1837 and the information was very sketchy for the first ten years or so. My bible fills the gap between 1816 and about 1850 when the family starts to appear on official documents.

    My bible was given to me by my father who got it from his uncle. It passed through a few earlier generations before that.

    Not all families kept a family bible but a great many did.

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    I agree with Gray Pict and Maxi. Go back over 150 years ago and I don't believe any state in the U. S. recorded vital records such as births and deaths and issued certificates. Actually many did not start until the first quarter of the 20th century. If a church did infant baptisms they might have records of births and deaths. So the only record was in the family bible. I worked for an insurance agency for a major insurance company many years ago and they accepted records from a family bible as evidence of age in paying out annuities. Many older people simply never had a birth certificate. Texas started in 1903 but it wasn't until after WW2 that a law was required that the info be recorded, sent to the state and certificates issued. In the meantime many people who were born or died at home never got recorded. You could be enrolled at school, get a job, join the military and apply and receive a social security number without a birth certificate. So you see family bibles were very important.

    So if you are ever involved in family history you might want to find people with family bibles. Sometimes it takes some searching. As new land opened up and people packed up their belongings and headed west not everyone could bring grandma's family bible with them. So it is important to find distant relatives who just might have an old family bible.

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    They are the same thing, most families had a bible and would write all the births, marriages and deaths in it,at the time of the event, so it is a primary record, these were often passed from generation to generation, so many families have a good personal record of events in their family. many people who left Europe took their family bible with them as their religion was very important and they were not sure what they would find when they got to their new land.....................

    Ask older members of your family if there was a family bible and if so what happened to it, if you are lucky someone will have it packed away somewhere

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    5 years ago

    It wasn't a religious thing, it was a respect thing. Back when you grandparents were kids they were taught that black people were lower than white people. And to date them would be a disgrace. Times have changed now, but they still have there own views. Not to mention, the Bible is a little out dated for our world we live in now. It says alot of things are sins that we do on a regular basis. I think if you have a good concience and be honest, you will be ok.

  • Eeks! A family Bible is a Bible kept by a family, as opposed to one in the library or a church.

    Many people kept genealogical records in their family Bible, as well as military records and such.

    Those are considered the same as "official records".

    Ancestry.com and other such sites have sections of actual copies of Bible records.

    Only you would know if you have a Bible and where it is.

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  • 10 years ago

    I will add one small thought. Ebay sells family bibles every day. Create an ebay watch list for your surname and location so you will be notified is one for your family ever becomes available.

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