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How to get rid of pubic hair?

I use hair removal cream to get rid of my pubic hair but it leaves hair still there like stubble. How do i get rid of it all so that there is none there until it grows back ?? I was wondering does waxing hurt if you were to remove the hair first??

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    I might be overlooking something here.... but can't you just shave?

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    Yes, waxing hurts especially around sensitive areas. You need to have some hair in order to have it waxed. How waxing works is that a solution usually containing wax (along with other substances)or the main ingredient can be sugar, is warmed and then applied to the area until the hair is covered and saturated with it. The wax solution then cools and hardens to a degree and then cloth strips are applied and quickly pulled off. (OUCH!!). The wax gets pulled off along with the enclosed hair. Sometimes you can get some ingrown hairs as a result. With this method most of the hair does grow back, but if u keep repeating this the grow back becomes more sparse. Eventually all the hair might be permanently removed. This is basically mass plucking of hair. I guess I'm wondering why would u want to totally eliminate your pubic hair? A permanent hair removal method is laser or electrolysis. And even with these you get some hairs growing back. It is a long and expensive treatment plan to be totally hair free. Another method is to buy a epilator (which I wouldn't recommend for pubic hair) which is an instrument that pulls out the hair. I would suggest shaving every day with a shaver or a razor.

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    What kind of hair removal cream? Do you use "NAIR"? If you do, you're not applying it correctly. Do not rub it in. Apply it fully over all the hair and be careful near your vaginal lips. Wait 3-5 mins and shower it thoroughly until the hair is gone. If you use a razor, use a good shaving cream and a new blade at least once a week. The area is very sensitive.

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    If you have fine hair than definitely use a new disposable razor and some shaving soap. This gives a lovely clean smooth finish. If your heair is dark and or corse then dont do this as the result will be rough stubble or dark specles all over the area as the hairs return. For darker hair or corse stuff waxing is best though it does hurt. Never tried laser but have heard good things about it.

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    Waxing removes hair from the root so you wouldn't be getting the stubble you're getting from just shaving.

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    You wrote, "does waxing hurt if you were to remove the hair first"

    But, if you remove the hair first, then you can't wax it, because there's not enough hair there for the wax to stick to, sorry.

    So, let it grow in just a little bit and then go get it waxed. It's no big deal, literally millions of women do it every single day!!

    Good luck!... :-D

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    hot wax is one, sugar mixture is another.

    might make bike riding sore for a while.

    either cut it, pull it out or use the acid type shave powder to burn it off.

    Waxing might be your best option. Sugar mixture is the same basic method. Apply apply fabric strip and yank it off quick

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    Here's how to shave your pubic hair: 1st cut the hairs short. Apply conditioner or something creamy to the pubic area. Shave upwards in the opposite direction of the hairs with a 5-bladed razor. Be sure to shave hard to make it smooth. Afterwords to avoid getting beginners side effects wash the area off with acne cleanser or anti-bacterial dishwasher soap. It only takes me 5 minutes to shave it & I shave about 3x a week. If done right you will be incredibly smooth like me. If you do experience beginners side effects don't panic, just put acne cream on the bumps, pop them if you can, keep up the shaving routine, & they should go away within a month. It's just like starting a new medicine.

    You can also get it removed permanently with electrolysis which is painful & costs $55 an hour. I've gotten 3 treatments on my pubic hair. Email me for more info about it.

    You shouldn't use hair removal cream. It dries up your skin & takes forever to work. It also stinks & is inefficient.

    Here's the benefits of pubic hair removal: 1st of all the absence of pubic hair is alot more erotic & sensational. It's easier to get sexually excited & masturbate. You'll feel sexier, younger, & more naked when you're naked. If you're a girl your guy will be able to see your vagina when you're naked. For girls it makes their periods easier to clean up because the hair just traps in blood & junk. It's cleaner because hair traps in odors & dirt & is one less thing to wash when you take a shower. One of the reasons I started shaving is because pubic hair was a distraction when I saw that area, I would kill time twirling the hairs. Pubic hair can get caught in stuff like your zipper. & you won't leave long gross hairs on the toilet or in the bath.

    I have a blog posted on my profile about why there's nothing wrong with pubic hair removal that you & everybody else should read.

    I believe my answer is the best & it would appreciate it if you chose it best.

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    9 years ago

    You would use a shaver and shaving cream.

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    9 years ago

    Just wax, you'll be glad you did.

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