What's your favorite tattoo?

I have 9 tattoos on my body, but there is always going to be a favorite. (Like a favorite parent or favorite child. Don't lie; it's true)

On my ribcage I have Shenron (to some it's Shenlong. Really depends) from Dragonball Z on my ribcage. Yes, I am DBZ obsessed and loved the show since I was 12. I am 25 now. It only took six hours, bite marks on my arm, a few bruises from pinching my arm from the pain, but so worth it. It was worth the pain.

So for all who have tattoos, which one would you say is your favorite?

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  • 10 years ago
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    My current favorite is my back piece, it's huge and has my son's name and a lily with a ton of vines. My only color tattoo.

    I'm starting a sleeve on the 16th and I'm really excited about that one too, but my back piece will probably be the most sentimental

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    10 years ago

    my current favorite piece is my newest. its the strength symbol shaded in black and white with cherry blossoms around it. it is such a beautiful piece and turned out very well. my mom and i have the same tattoo, we got it for my 18th birthday. it symbolizes strength, power, femininity and beauty. i was inspired by both of my grandmother's endearing strength and perseverance, and wanted something to represent them. my next tattoo i'm planning to get on my rib cage; it'll be a shakespearean quote which has a lot of meaning to me as well and i'm super excited about it

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