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Super confused about Los Angeles territorial division.Please help.?

Ok,so I live in new York but soon I'll be moving to LA,so i started to do some research about neighborhoods ,and territorial division .I ended up really confused. I mean how come Beverly hills is a city,LA has over 80 cities wtf.Can you guys please explain how the whole city works.And do locals referred to Beverly hills or Calabasas as cities . I would like some local perspective about the whole distric,county,cities of LA.

Thanks :)

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    Well, first there is the City of Los Angeles.

    Then there is Los Angeles County which the largest county in the country and includes several cities (Beverly Hiss and Calabasas among them) and unincorporated areas.

    Greater Los Angeles includes Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Ventura County.

    If I am speaking to a local or someone familiar with LA and they ask where I live I either say the South Bay which is a section of LA County located primarily along the coast south of the City of Los Angeles or I state the city I live in depending on the situation.

    If I am speaking to someone in another state or country I say Los Angeles.

    In your situation, looking for somewhere to live, you want to be specific and state the city you are interested in.

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    Don't worry a lot of people get confused at first. Just like New York is both a city and a state, Los Angeles is both a city and a county (a huge county)....The county has 88 cities in it. 3 of those cities are The City of Los Angeles, City of Beverly Hills and the City of Calabasas. The City of Los Angeles is a small part of the Los Angeles County.....

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    Los Angeles is a big city, like you have in New York, and it's surrounded by dozens of suburbs like most cities are. Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Seattle, Detroit, etc are all cities surrounded by many suburbs. New York City, Albany and Buffalo have suburbs.

    The county of Los Angeles encompasses the City of Los Angeles and several dozen of it's suburbs.

    I tell people I live in Long Beach, which I do. We have out own police force, transit system, city hall and everything else that a city of 500,000 would have.

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    los angeles area is made up of about 96 cities and 4 counties! there are different areas just like in new york you have the bronks and brooklyn, queens, and so on!!

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