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HDMI Cable And splitter issues?

OK i have two 1080p TVs that fit into a HDMI splitter which fits into my computer. My computers graphics card happens to have a HDMI port when both TVs are on they both work fine together when i turn off my lg TV my Sony bravia LCD works fine but when i turn off my Sony bravia TV i have no signal in my lg LCD TV until i turn the Sony TV back on i know it has to do with CEC control or something but it is disable on both TVs on my Sony TV remote you press home and go to external inputs and hdmi set up and turn control for HDMI off but it still happens to turn my LG LCD TV off i cant seem to figure this out help would be Appreciated thank you

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    HDMI is an active connection. Feedback from one connected component can influence another (as you are finding out). I had a somewhat similar issue with a Blu-ray player that turned off when I had both HDMI outputs on my Pioneer receiver turned on, but not when only one was live. The problem went away with a firmware update on the BD player! Note that the BD Player is an input device and it was the output that caused feedback somehow. It could well be something similarly weird in your case and finding the problem is going to be difficult (and even if you do you may not be able to do anything about it)

    However, do you really need both monitors on at the same time? If not, you should be using a switch instead of a splitter ( sell a 4 x 1 HDMI switch, with remote, for $25 or a 2 x 1 smanual HDMI switch for $15 ... see link). Using a switch allows you to select which TV to watch. For the few times you want both you could insert the splitter.

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    Check the display settings for the graphics card to make sure everything is configured correctly there.

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