Should I let this employer's direct affiliation with a religious cult influence my decision to accept the job?

I've been searching for full-time employment for a year, with no luck whatsoever.

Finally, last week, I got desperate and placed my resume and Craigslist (name excluded).

Within a few short days, I was contacted by an employer who seemed to have the perfect available position for me, and in my specific field, too.

Since then, I have exchanged several e-mails with them and even spoken to them on the phone twice. Even though I do not have my interview until tomorrow morning, they strangely enough seem to have pretty much already hired me, as they have asked me for my availability for when they do next week's payroll.

The pay is great, the benefits are great, and it honestly felt like a dream come true--until today. My friend suggested I revisit their website and just "make sure I've looked everything over" and upon doing so, I discovered the "fine print", which I hadn't noticed before.

At the bottom of one of their pages is a small blurb explaining their proud affiliation with a dangerous religious cult that has, ironically, been the subject of my research for several months now.

Everything about the cult and those involved genuinely scares the pants off of me, but if I turn them down because of it, am I potentially missing out on a great opportunity due to personal biases?

How strong is the possibility that they will keep their involvement in the cult to themselves and out of the workplace entirely?

Should I run like heck? Give them a chance?


I should probably mention that I am a member of numerous online communities and forums whose central purpose is to exchange information about this particular cult and its negative influence. I also have an art website, and at least half of the work I've uploaded centers around the horrors of the cult. Of course, I've been careful to use aliases in every instance, but still, the members are known to be responsible for the murders of at least two people, and they don't take to "opposition" well. I mean, I wouldn't challenge them at work or anything...just wouldn't want them to find my forum posts.

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  • 9 years ago
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    If the information is publicly posted on their business website, they obviously have no intention of keeping their business separate from it. If this "dream opportunity" is tied to any organization about which you have serious and reasonable doubts, the dream will turn into a nightmare.

  • lvuer
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    9 years ago

    Yes, you should! Like you said, it's like a dream come true. That means their offer is too good that it raise some suspicion, especially if they proudly affiliates themselves with a dangerous religious cult. If something is too good to be true, than it's not good. Who knows if they are trying to lure and convert people? Who knows? And we can't be too careful either...

    Besides, pay and benefit is not everything right? If you feel uncomfortable with your employer or your co-workers, or with the working condition, or with their policy... that counts too.

    Perhaps you should gather some information about your employer first? Frankly, I think this sounds fishy... but of course, the final decision is yours. Don't believe some strangers, especially the one you're talking with in internet, like me...

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