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    Validity of contract

    This contract of both parties when signed and sealed by authorized representatives of the establishment and effective. Effectiveness of the two sides agreed to terminate the contract or in part invalid, does not affect the liability for breach of contract and dispute settlement provisions apply.

    The contents of the annex of the contract and the contract has the same legal effect.

    And Annex I of this contract is signed, and by the A, B and the two sides reached a written agreement, shall not be changed.

    Dispute Resolution

    Where this contract arising out of or relating to this contract, any dispute, the parties shall be resolved through friendly consultations. If you can not consensus of both parties may apply to the local arbitration committee for arbitration, if any party refuses to accept the outcome of arbitration, both parties have the right to the courts.

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    兩個答案,錯誤百出. 版主參考就是了, 不要當真.

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    合同 效力

    The Legality of Contract

    本合同自甲、乙雙方授權代表簽字蓋章時成立並生效。We, the parties concerned,

    . agree hereby the finishment and legality of the contract

    . authorized by their representatives

    . that must have to be signed and sealsed immediately.. 雙方約定本合同效力終止或部分內容無效,. 不影響本合同有關違約責任及爭議解決條款的適用。Such the end or its part contents of the nullify perrmited

    . by both parties that its contract concerning

    . the breach's liability as well as

    . any disputing solutions shouled be applied本合同附件之內容與本合同具有同等法律效力。The legality of the contract should also be

    . the same as its annex concerning both contents indeed.

    本合同及附件一經簽署,非經甲、乙雙方達成書面協議,不得變更。The contract and such annex is signed

    . that even have without a writen agreement

    . by the two sides of A and B,

    . in which is not changed..



    . 應由雙方當事人通過友好協商解決。


    . 如任何一方不服仲裁結果,雙方均有權利向法院提起訴訟。Disputing determinationWhereas the contract maks up something like any dispute

    . which should obey the consultation showed by both parties,

    . being not success,

    . both of them could be ask the locate arbitrated committee

    . for their own arbitrations,

    . the consequence of such one ,

    . it’s mecessary for them asking the right to courts

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    both of them could be asked the local...

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    in which ,it is not changed.

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