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Can someone be tested to see if they carried usher syndrome genes?

I am a 17 year old girl. I have two older brothers who are deaf and have retinitis pigmentosa (Usher Syndrom). i am not deaf and neither is my younger sister. Can I be tested to see if i carry the genes?

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    If your brothers have had genetic testing, and their genetic mutation is known, then you can be easily tested. Harvard Genetics does the test at a cost of about $250 for a known gene. See their website at http://pcpgm.partners.org/lmm/tests/hearing-loss/O... You don't need to travel to Boston but, instead, can send a blood sample, and you will have the results in about 4 weeks.

    If you don't know what specific genetic mutation your brothers have, then Harvard can still do the testing. However, it is much more expensive for an unknown mutation, and insurance likely would not cover it for you. However, insurance might for your brothers, and then you could be tested for the known mutation.

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    With so many possible genes involved in Usher syndrome, genetic tests for the disorder are not conducted on a widespread basis. Diagnosis of Usher syndrome is usually performed through hearing, balance, and vision tests. Genetic testing for a few of the identified genes is clinically available. To learn about laboratories that conduct clinical testing, visit the Web site www.GeneTests.org and search the laboratory directory by typing in the term "Usher syndrome." Genetic testing for additional Usher syndrome genes may be available through clinical research studies. To learn about clinical trials that include genetic testing for Usher syndrome, visit the Web site www.clinicaltrials.gov and type in the search term "Usher syndrome" or "Usher genetic testing."

    Source(s): medicinenet.com
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    I don't think so but you should stop by the doctor & ask them.

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