Why do African tribe women have pancake boobs?

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All their boobs are ugly and flat, and hang to their knees. Like socks with frisbees in them. Why is this? Why can't they have real boobs?
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I laughed so hard.. Hahhahahahahahahahahahahaha
Great observation! Maybe because they are malnourished and they aren't wearing bra to support their breast so gravity pulls it down.
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  • karmakiller answered 3 years ago
    actually if you want to be technical, those ARE 'real' boobies. We are just extremely lucky to have been introduced to the bra which eases the effects of gravity on those puppies!
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  • adam answered 3 years ago
    lack of wholesome nutrition, coupled with many breast feedings, equals whats also been described as "national geographic boobies".
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  • Groovio answered 3 years ago
    You are real Intelligent.

    They do not have access to bra's as do you.
    Not to mention that is there culture.

    If they seen your fake boobs the might that is Ulgy...
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  • Everybody Make Way answered 3 years ago
    Don't know and don't care, which is why i like nice plump round breasts, along with a nice bubble butt and thighs
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    Without bras or any support that is how all breast would look. Gravity can be a martha focker when it comes to that region of a women's body.
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  • Trismegistic answered 3 years ago
    Poor silly child, african women have the most beautiful bodies ever created. In the 1800's white women wore those under garments to emulate the african build...
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  • Lynn answered 3 years ago
    Stop being silly. You know good and well all African women dont look like that
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  • Ffff answered 3 years ago
    More aerodynamic. If long enough they can even provide lift.
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  • Nila answered 3 years ago
    thnx for the 2 points loser
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  • AdManB answered 3 years ago
    I can't beleive you wrote that.
    They have just as much variety in size and shape as any other race and many of them are perky and firm without ever wearing a bra.
    Your info is flawed!


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