Is a degree from an online college taken seriously in the career field?

Is a degree from an online college taken seriously in the career field?

I'm refering to schools like:

Kaplan University

Ashford U.

University Of Phoenix

Walden U.



When job searching, do prospective employers take degrees from these types of schools seriously? Or do they basically make you one of the 'last option' candidates for the job?

Thanks in advance

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    You will certainly get hired over someone who has no degree to speak of whatsoever. But, I must say, you will probably not get hired over someone who has a degree at an accredited university/college. Online college has the reputation as a half assed sort of way to get a degree. Not only that but they are also becoming known as the less than reputable education just by the people who run them. There is a pretty good documentary on Netflix called College Inc. I suggest you watch it if you are thinking about going that route.

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  • Tonya
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    Of the schools you've listed, none get any respect. Degree holders may get away with presenting these degrees if the employer merely regards a degree as a check-off item, but the bad odor of these degrees lasts forever. If an online degree comes from an established respectable "non-profit" college, and there is no easy way to identify the degree as online, it may be accepted by new employers, but the holder of the degree is not likely to be a sharp and well-educated adult in the classical sense.

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    10 years ago

    I certainly don't take them much seriously :)

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