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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicCountry · 1 decade ago

Taylor Swift Album 4.....whats she gonna write about??

A lot happened to Taylor before stepping on the scene with "Taylor Swift" and then Hollywood happened after that, which lead to "Fearless" and her official A-List status album "Speak Now" came out in October showcasing some of her biggest superstar let-downs (AND perks) and she's officially on the top of the world- Literally! She just finished her world tour, and is reading to conquer the States. But many things (BIG things) have happened in only a matter of months, that Taylor is sure to be ready to place in Album number four. But what? This is what I think....

~Jake Gyllenhal- Hollywood actor Mr.Gyllenhal stole Taylor's heart in November 2010, everyone thought he was "the man" until they reportedly split in January 2011. No comments Taylor? Jake was an older guy (probably sparking memories of dirty old John M.) and was looking for too serious of a relationship. And we all know she's still seeking forgiveness from the other Twilight-Taylor. her heart seems to be set on someone else and she better confess why the "jaylor" romance when by so quick.....

~Duncan: The Buried Life- If you don't know what "the Buried Life" is, let me give you a little taste: Its an Mtv show about 4 guys who want to accomplish 100 things before they die. Now- In the episode "Ask Out The Girl Of Your Dreams: Part II" (part I ended with crashing Transformers2 premiere and asking out Meghan Fox, although ended up failing) One of the guys: Duncan. Wants to ask out Taylor Swift. So the guys sneak Back-Stage passes to CMT awards and disguise as Stage/Audience crew while Duncan finds Taylor.

Duncan finally gets to Taylor and she's smiling while he says "Will You go out with me?" She doesn't hesitate and say "you're so brave!!wow!" then he hands her his number and walks away. ONE WEEK LATER: Duncan tells the crew about Taylor: She texted him "Yes, I'd love to! You're really hardcore!!" so they all get excited. But know one knows whats happened since.....We don't know if it was a bad date, a secret romance or no date at all. Taylor told Mtv she doesn't want to talk about then joked "Its for my 4th album!" maybe she's telling the truth.....?

~Chord Overstreet- We all know Taylors had a previous romance with Glee star: Cory Monteith inspiring her song "Mine". But know she's been spotted with newcomer Glee club hottie- Chord. There has only been a picture of them at an LA Kings hockey match in February, but neither have been spotted together since. Maybe it was just a profesional friendship. Or an upcoming Taylor-Glee episode!?

~Zac Efron- You haven't heard of any "Zaylor" yet, have you? I think you might soon. Taylor and Zac are co-starring in the Dr.Suess film aptation of "The Lorax" premiering March 2012. They were seen together at the Peoples Choice Awards previously this year, but only to catch up on eachother before they shoot the movie. We're assuming. I think they'd make a cute couple. But I don't think they'd last long....

~Taylor Lautner- I know I know, sooooo 2010, sooo yesterdays news. But too Taylor, I don't think so. She's written many songs for him "Back To December" "Superman" "Haunted" and "Last Kiss" she obviously can't stop thinking about him. I think they should get back together, they both just need eachother so badly but they don't know it. Please, I want Tay-Tay back just for a moment :'(

Well, thats all I can think o for now, but how about you???? What do you think she should write about! I know album #4 is still a year or two away- and a lot could still happen- but what do you think she's penning in her room right now??? NO HATERS PLEASE!!!!!! thanx!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hmm, December Idk!!! But you have it down good. Wouldn't it be interesting/weird (in a cute way) if taylor and zac went out? (wait isnt vanessa still dating zac, or is josh f--erson dating her?) i mean disney meets country pop chick. Lol about the Miley-hates-daddy situation. Hey did u know that Taylors gonna be on Ellen on Monday (Memorial Day) 2011, preforming Mean?

    Did you watch gaga on gma this morn?

    lol- we're the biggest taylor stalkers, EVER:)

  • 1 decade ago

    Omg, girl, get a life! She's gonna write about some butt-head guy who did her SO wrong, like she ALWAYS does! She's a snotty brat, get a real life instead of obsessing over hers.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As usual, she'll write the same crap over and over again and 12-year-old girls will eat it up faster than Albert Lee can play guitar.

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