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Can a wind surfing board be good for paddle boarding too?

Hey so I want to get into paddle boarding, but they are pretty expensive. So I went on Craigslist and found a wind surfing board and it said to use it for paddle boarding, but I don't know if they are not wide enough for paddle boarding or what. The measurements for the one Im looking at is 12' by 26'' and the other one is 12-2' by 25". Each one is $95 I will just be going to the lake in these. Will it work? Thanks.

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    While the windsurfer is not ideal for SUP for $95 it will get your feet wet... don't forget you will need to buy a SUP Paddle too. Bic even makes a SUP/Windsurfer Combo... its called the Jungle.

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    Weight isn't the element to evaluate. Does your husband understand the thank you to paddle board? in keeping with probability you should deliver him to a board college or purchase him some classes. do no longer purchase a board and paddle and PFD and knee and elbow pads and a helmet in the previous he learns to paddle.

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