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Liberals: Do you think Obamacare is enough to reform Medicare?

Under the current Health Law passed by Obama and the Dems, a 15-member panel appointed by the President will be created, called the Independent Payment Advisory Board. This board will be in charge of delegating funds, which means they are in charge of whether or not a patient will receive funding for an operation, thus, rationing patient care. This will force many seniors to purchase “Medigap” insurance, which are private insurance policies offered to seniors at usually a much higher rate than the average policy for a non-senior, hence, costing the senior more “out-of-pocket” costs for the same care (no wonder AARP was on board with Obamacare). So, assume for a second that there is no Ryan Medicare proposal, and tell me, is this the plan that Democrats and liberals are standing?


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    I'm unpersuaded by the "rationing healthcare" argument. We already have rationed healthcare under private insurers. This type of rationing is very strict and disqualifies anyone with a preexisting condition from coverage. One of the primary functions of the Affordable Care Act is increased access to healthcare even if you have a preexisting condition. In short - the rationing occurring under the Act is not as strict as the rationing we already have in place.

    Medigap insurance already exists for seniors for this same reason - care is already rationed by private insurers. The amount of Medigap coverage seniors must carry under the Act will be less than the amount they currently carry.

    So yes, this is the plan that Democrats and liberals are standing.

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    Yes, IPAB is a good idea. Any recommendation made by the Board can be overturned by Congress. The NY times article is right about that. It is wrong about forcing seniors to buy Medigap insurance. That is fear mongering. “In its effort to limit the growth of Medicare spending, the board is likely to set inadequate payment rates for health care providers, which could endanger patient care.” (Rep. Pete Stark, D-CA) The Times seems to agree. The piece ends by belatedly acknowledging that IPAB cannot cut benefits or hike co-pays and deductible"

    "Fact: The Accountable Care Act specifically prohibits IPAB from recommendations that would: 1) ration health care; 2) raise revenues or increase Medicare beneficiary premiums or cost sharing; or 3) otherwise restrict benefits or modify eligibility criteria. In other words, IPAB cannot “cut services.”

    "The bottom line is this: Medicare’s outlays have been growing far faster than either GDP or the average workers’ wages. This means that we have no choice: we must break the curve of Medicare inflation, or give up Medicare altogether. The only question is who should make the decisions: the health care industry lobbyists who profit from profligate spending, or a panel of medical experts appointed by the President, and confirmed by the Senate, who are prohibited from taking fees from anyone, and are charged with curbing spending without cutting benefits?"


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    Obama himself said that the Health Care Reform that recently passed was just a start and a move in the right direction. Because of politics, he wasn't able to pass the kind of reform that he really wanted.

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    medicare runs more than 10x cleaner than any private insurance. medicare runs about 2% over costs.

    it's important to say this rather than talk about manipulated profit margins.

    for instance, united healthcare can, with a straight face, say they operate with a 2% profit margin - but the $100 million they pay to their senior executive would be considered employee pay and therefore not figured into profits.

    i work with medicare in one of the nations largest hospitals and i will happily take medicare coverage over any private insurance.

    for instance, i am currently covered by blue cross blue shield - as i have been for about eight years.

    each week, bcbs gets paid about $140.00 by me and my employer. if you annualize this and multiply by eight that's about $58,000.00 that has been paid to bcbs while i have been healthy - call it $48,000.00 because the current rate has been going up annually.

    two months ago, i needed an MRI - and after paying over $48,000.00 to bcbs - I GOT THE BILL.

    it's my annual deductible - which i have never needed, because i have been healthy.

    after getting over $48k on my behalf - the one claim that came to bcbs - THEY DIDN'T PAY.

    so sorry, but i know a criminal enterprise when i see one.

    health insurance companies are a flat out rip off to american consumers - one that citizens in all other developed nations never have to deal with.

    so, who does our govt represent in the end?

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    They did not get much from their schooling because they did not have common sense when they entered that den of Liberal lunacy known as the American Public Education system. As you know Liberals, as revealed by impartial scientists, have all been found to have a defective gene which precludes them from ever developing common sense.This in fact is known in respectable universities as the LIBERAL GENE. They are mutants!Do not let your children marry one; the results put upon your grandchildren would be pitiful.

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    10 years ago

    nope medicare is totally dead... because of the private sector's HUGE costs...

    Obama's plan may give it 5 more years... because everyone freaks out anytime you try and touch it...

    insurance companies do exactly the same thing that Obama is proposing... and that's part of the problem...

    in short, it's all the same, just which board you want... private board (Ryan's plan, which will also be just as likely, if not more so, to need more extra insurance) or Obama's plan?

    and the way the private health care industry has been over the past 15 years, I wouldn't trust them to continue to breathe...

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    i think that the reforms are just a copy of the situation that got us into debt in the first place- i mean lets rename it for what it really is.. reform is aka another credit card bill for the government, you cant pay one credit card with another and think yay...... money management is obviously an issue for obamam in that sense but the thing is is its not him. the stock market is what controls the bills and until we stop the tycoon on wall street taking our money ...we will borrow and until we stop borrowing...its never going to end. just get worse... i dont know what that labels me - but that is what i think. and no it wont help because the tycoons on wall street are smarter than obama and all his little guys. the treasury holder for america is also the treasury holder for the largest tycoon...hmmmmmm

    until there is balance in the stock market and the big fish stop being greedy then obama and all them are a wash. i think he tries though

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    Obama's reform helps out millions of Americans that would never have care, so I support Obama's reform 110%.

  • 10 years ago

    No it is not but the Ryan plan is wrong and it is not just liberals who think so.

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