How to Measure a Road bike/Fixie frame?

I'm planning on buying a road 10 speed frame from my friend to convert into a fixie as a summer project. But the problem is that he doesn't know what size the frame is. I'm 5'8-5'70. How would i measure the frame and what size would it have to be to fit me properly?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Frame sizes can be measured two ways. From the center of the bottom bracket (crank) to the top of the seatpost tube...or to the center of the junction between the seatpost tube & top tube. More important than frame size is "stand-over height". Does the bike still have the wheels on it - or just a frame?

    Even frame sizing charts can be a little off. Most show I should ride a 56cm or 57cm frame size at 5'10" tall. But the 'stand-over' height on my 55cm frame size bike fits me fine. It varies from company to company - just like buying shoes or clothes. See Google link below.

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  • 5 years ago

    extremely tough point. try searching on to yahoo. just that could help!

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