What happened on Glee tonight? May 24, 2011?

What happened on tonight's episode of Glee (May 24, 2011)


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    They went to NY. Finn takes Rachael on a date and tries to kiss her. But she won't let him because she wants to live in NY when she leaves high school and refuses to let a relationship get in the way of her future. Rachael helps the lead (Sunny) of Vocal Adrenaline get through her solo. New Directions do their duet (Finn & Rachael) at nationals and kiss at the end of it. Which causes silence throughout the whole theater. Then they continue on with the next song. Jesse says that Finn's display of affection probably cost them a spot in the top 10. Sure enough they place 12 and Santa freaks out. Kurt tells all this to Blaine and Blaine asks why he's not upset. Kurt basically says because he got all he ever wanted out of NY. Blaine tells Kurt he loves him, Kurt says it back. They run into Sam & Mercedes at the coffee shop and think nothing of it. We figure out Sam & Mercedes are secretly dating. Also, Rachael tells Finn about her future NY/broadway plans and he says to her that "there's one more year of high school, what are you doing for the rest of it"? He kisses her and the show ends with them all triumphing over their 12th place trophy!

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